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05-17-2011, 14:01
Part 2 of 5 Mike Francesa's Laziness

For 20+ years I have been listening to Mike Francesa and since the day Dog left, Francesa has become bitter, and worst yet lazy. I do not believe Dog leaving is the only reason why this happened, but it is a major component of Francesa's downfall from his once lofty perch as the "Sports Pope."

Over the years one of the reasons Mike Francesa had developed a reputation as a "Know-it-All" was because he was in fact a "know-it-all." I do not mean to imply this know-it-all attitude was an over-inflated ego attitude, but no matter the subject, team, or player Mike Francesa could recite his stats without looking, and also throw in a few tidbits about the person that the listener would have never have known. Reputations are based on fact, and at one time, what made people really listen to Francesa was the fact that he knew-it-all.

When the show was "Mike and the Mad Dog" Dog's opinions would generally be the same as what any normal listener was thinking, he was off the wall, and he thought more with his emotions and heart than his brain. Francesa was the brains and logic of that particular subject, and the two of them together talking out a subject on air, made for one terrific show. It was a classic point-counterpoint conversation, and as we listened, we the listeners became much more informed about that particular subject. Francesa gave the listeners, and Dog something else to think about, that went beyond just Dog's knee jerk reaction that us fans would normally have also.

With Dog no longer there, Francesa has grown complacent. His status at the station is secure as the #1 host, he has no worries about job security, nor does he have any other station to compete with. No matter how unprepared Dog was, the one thing he had on his side was that he was emotional just like the listeners. Listening over the years every once in a while you would hear the astonishment coming from Francesa as to why the listeners loved Dog, rather than himself. Of course the reason was simple Dog connected with the audience in a way Francesa never could, or would be able to.

When Dog left Francesa suddenly become bitter, I believe it was based on the fact that so many people believed that Francesa needed a co-host and Mike's ego could not handle that no one believed he could carry a show by himself. Francesa could not believe the audacity of listeners, and critics saying he needed to replace Dog. The continued good ratings, along with Dog bombing on satellite radio, only cemented Francesa's "I don't need anyone as co-host" attitude, and also his bitterness toward a segment of his back stabbing listeners.

This attitude now backed, by Dog's failure, and his continued dominance in the ratings made Francesa uninterested in talking to the regular sports fan. No longer would Mike accept knee jerk reactions from fans, now when a caller made a weak point Francesa would openly mock, and belittle the caller. Mike Francesa's ego was now Francesa's co-host. With this new attitude Francesa made the choice of no longer having to be a know-it-all, his opinion was the only one that mattered, and according to Mike Francesa's ego, his opinion was always right.

After Dog left, the show's format also changed, instead of taking a call and then Dog and Francesca discussing the point, Francesa now takes rapid fire calls for most of his 5 and half hour block. In most cases Francesa will wind up disparaging the caller, or hang up quickly so he can talk about what is the correct take on a certain situation should be. What is worse than listening to him on WFAN, is watching his facial expressions on the YES network. You could almost see the absolute disdain that the great Mike Francesa has to waste his time talking to us commoners.

It could be the new attitude, age, the added distraction of marriage or even all the extra time and energy of having kids in the household, but clearly Mike Francesa has become lazy in his research and his knowledge, and more than a few times has to cover up his lack of information by yelling, and making fun of the caller. Too many times in the past few months, I have heard Mike say, I was flipping the channels, so I only caught a few minutes of the game. None-the-less he will actually have an "I am right" opinion on what he did not see.

I was actually in shock a few weeks ago when I was listening to Francesa talking about the Phil Hughes situation. As many of you are aware, I have written extensively about Phil Hughes's pitching problems. When the Yankees announced on a Wednesday afternoon that Hughes will be visiting a specialist in Saint Louis to determine if he had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I immediately went to work writing an article disputing that claim.

I actually suffered a similar problem during my pitching career, but to be as thorough as possible I spent an hour doing my due diligence, before writing a single word. Every Thursday Mike Francesa has Yankee manager Joe Girardi on to talk about the current state of the Yankees. Normally I pay it no mind because it's usually a love feast between the two. I would probably have a seizure if I ever heard Mike ask one tough question to Girardi. So the reason I was listening was just in case the information I provided in my article was somehow wrong, or some new relevant information came to light.

As I tuned into the show Francesa was already talking about Hughes and I nearly died when I heard Mike Francesa saying he had no idea what Thoracic Outlet Syndrome was? In fact Mike started reading word for word what Thoracic Outlet Syndrome was off of the Wikipedia website. I was in shock, almost 24 hours after the Yankees had announced Phil Hughes's trip to Saint Louis and Mike Francesa is admitting he did no research, and in front of his listening audience was now actually reading what TOS was on the air.

I immediately thought 10 years ago Mike would have been all over this, after all it was the #2 pitcher on the Yankees staff, and the future pitching star of his beloved Yankees. 10 years ago, Mike would have had at a local Doctor on explaining in detail what Thoracic Outlet Syndrome was and if Hughes was diagnosed with it, Mike would have all the info on exactly what would be done, what the rehab would be like, and a time frame for Hughes return. In today's world what we got was some sesame street version of Mike Francesa reading off of Wikipedia.

Years ago even if I thought I was an expert on a subject, I would always listen to Francesa before cementing my opinion, because I knew without a doubt that he would have an angle which had completely eluded me. So as I listened to Mike saying he was clueless about TOS it made me sad knowing that I was smarter than he would ever be on this subject, and I would be calling him to explain what TOS was. How sad that I was about to educate Mike Francesa on something?

Even more pathetic than me teaching Mike Francesa, was the fact that Mike Francesa has the #1 radio sho, with millions of listeners worldwide and I worked harder in the past 24 hours educating myself before writing an article that I do not get paid for, and only a handful of people would probably ever read.

Of course when the Girardi interview started, there was not one tough question. These are just a few of the questions I would have asked
#1 - "Why did it take so long for The Yankees to send Hughes for an MRI?"
#2 - "It's Thursday and this Saint Louis Doctor won't see him till Monday, so why not send Hughes to a local Doctor to rule TOS out?"
#3 - "What test were preformed the past few days? Was an MRI with contrast performed to rule out tears?"

I would have had a whole list of questions, but all Mike asked was "Hi Joe, I have no idea what Thoracic Outlet Syndrome can you explain it?" then after Girardi went on and on about not really knowing what it was either, Mike asked "So we should have an answer by Monday" Girardi said yes and they moved on to the next subject. I was in shock that the great Mike Francesa asked the same questions any 8 year old would ask his father.

It's a sad day for New York Sports Radio when you compare Mike Francesa to an 8 year old.

A few you tube examples of the Mike Francesa being very misinformed

Mike Francesa Doesn't Know Chambers is a Chief (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELYnWlGxvJA&feature=player_detailpage)

Jimmy Johnson Owns Mike Francesa (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUpvqqRAF08&feature=player_detailpage)

Mike Francesa's Pinpoint Statistical Knowledge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eaojftbw2ik&feature=player_detailpage)

Here is a perfect example Mike admits that he know NOTHING about the Erin Andrews story but still spends almost 10 minutes on giving us his opinion, while he admits to knowing nothing about the story
Mike Francesa weighs in on the Erin Andrews video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiPlV2Ry8oU&feature=player_detailpage)
Coming Next Part 3 : Mike Francesa's Disrespect toward his audience.

05-17-2011, 16:19
This is one subject I cannot disagree with. Nothing else can be said except it is sad that he does not have anyone to go up against, maybe if hr did he would be a better radio/TV person to listen to.......One small minor question can someone at the Wfan maybe tell Mike how rude it is for him to keep BURPING during his entire show.....Just sayin!

Jersey John
05-17-2011, 17:50
Are you still on this Phil Hughes kick? let it go already. So Francesa hung up on you and didnt care enough about this test to learn about and didnt ask the questions you would have asked. Can we possibly start working towards getting over it? Francesa on a bad day is still better then 9 out of 10 other hosts on their best days. The only person you can argue is better then Mike Francesa 2011, is Mike Francesa from a different year.

05-17-2011, 18:09
Actually there is a perfect example on you tube, that I was going to use but i could not find it. The video shows a caller asking (I think) about a trade that he is proposing, In the trade he brings up a player on another team. Francesa never heard of the guy and Francesa starts making fun of the caller. Francesa really went after the caller, saying he is making up players names blah blah blah. The video then cuts out and returns to a point an hour later into the show where Francesa learns the caller was right and there is such a minor league player.

So after laughing at the caller and making fun of him Francesa says "Oops sorry, like who would ever suspect their would be a minor league player with that name ha ha"

It was perfect but there are over 1000 Francesa videos on You tube and I could not find it so I went with the Hughes example. But this is the one I really wanted to write about because it shows everything from the Francesa laziness and lack of knowledge to his disdain and outright anger at callers.

The Boss
05-18-2011, 11:20
The only person you can argue is better then Mike Francesa 2011, is Mike Francesa from a different year.

I think that is a great point. Trash Francesa all you want about how he is not as nice as he used to be, that he's not as informed etc, but you are only comparing him to himself from a previous time. Maybe he knows his lock on WFan is strong and just doesnt feel a real need to be 100% prepared after 23 years. You are probably right Dom

05-19-2011, 11:26