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05-17-2011, 18:00
Brian Cashman the beady eyed gnome, will not be returning to the New York Yankees for the 2012 season.

Cashman, who has worked for the Yankees since 1986 and has been the general manager since 1998, has had a difficult off season filled with mis-steps, and disappointments.

Cliff Lee who the Yankees targeted as it's #1 off season get , left money on the table and shocked the Yankees by signing with the Phillies

Cashman instead of working with their longtime catcher Jorge Posada, dictated that he'll be the Yankees' primary designated hitter in 2011 and will never catch for the Yankees again under any circumstances. This of course was one of the main reasons "Posadagate" took place.

Cashman negotiating Derek Jeter's contract through the newspapers, embarrassing the organization in the way it handled the whole situation.

After Lee went to Phillies, and Petite retired Cashman's lack of any Plan-B. The lack of a plan became clearly evident when Cashman conceded that he discussed signing starter Carl Pavano, which drew the wrath of the Yankee fan base.

Cashman signing Pedro Feliciano to a two year 8 million dollar contract only to realize later that Feliciano's arm had a major injury which may prevent him from ever pitching again.

The embarrassing "Feliciano was Abused" quote of blaming the Mets for his own mistake.

When reporters pointed out the Yankees used Scott Procter just as much as the Mets used Feliciano, Cashman blamed Torre for the amount of work Procter compiled, and then stated he went behind his managers back in an effort to help pitchers stay away from Torre's overuse

Cashman openly disagreeing with the Yankees ownership for spending money he didn't want to on reliever Rafael Soriano.

Cashman getting on FOX's national telecast and escalating the Jorge Posada incident into a major story. Cashman instead of handling the situation behind closed doors, aired the Yankees dirty laundry for all to see.

Since the passing of George Steinbrenner, Cashman has become a media whore. From scaling down buildings, to needing face time for even the most minor incident Cashman is openly trying to become the face of the Yankees organization.

With Brian Cashman's power play there are a lot of people in Tampa where the Yankee hierarchy resides are just waiting for the moment Brian Cashman fails, so they can drop the hammer on this egotistical leprechaun.

Randy Levine is probably the one person who wants Cashman out more than anyone. Levine who is the President of the New York Yankees lost the most after George Steinbrenner's passing last year. Levine was the face and Mouthpiece for George after he slowly moved away from the public's view.

Here are the three scenarios I believe will happen at the end of the 2011 season:

The Yankees fail to make the playoffs
Without question Cashman will be kicked to the curb, and I suspect Levine will hit him with the door in the you know where as Cashman exits.

The Yankees make the playoffs but fail to win the World Series
If this happens, then it will be ironic that Cashman will play the role of Jeter, and the Yankee origination will act like Cashman and negotiate through the newspapers.

The first thing Tampa will say is "In the last 10 years the Yankees have spent almost 2 Billion Dollars, and unfortunately given the resources that Brian was afforded, we were only able to win one World Series in that time. We have offered a fair contract to Brian and if he can get a better deal elsewhere we wish him luck."

The Yankees win the World Series
Brian Cashman will still leave, but he will dictate the terms of his departure. Tampa will offer Cashman a great deal, but will try their best to short term the years of the contract. Cashman I believe knowing the Posada incident will happen again and again in the next few years will want out.

The most likely landing spot for Cashman will be with the LA Dodgers that is if the team is sold to new owners by then. The team is young, and the team will spend money with new owners that want to win immediately. The new owners will hire Cashman immediately to show their fan base that unlike the previous owner they are here to win.

By Dominick Mezzapesa
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