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05-20-2011, 12:50
You maybe aware of who I am from my previous articles, or from being a regular caller on WFAN. The three things I am probably most famous for is butchering the English language grammar wise, being long winded as far as writing style, and I try to be as truthful as possible.

I have never, and will never write anything for favors, or too somehow benefit from my articles. I just believe the moment I write something I do not believe in I would lose any credibility that I may have earned. I thought it was important to say this because of the content of this article.


A few weeks ago I was listening to Mike Francesa when Joe from Jersey (I think from Jersey) came on the air, and one of the first things he said was he ran an internet radio station. My first reaction was "Oh boy here comes a Francesa rip job"

I heard it a million times before, and I cringed knowing here comes the Mike Francesa hammer right on this poor guys head. For a split second I felt bad, because I knew the guy wasn't trying to promote his station, normally the first thing any moron does is to say their website's address. Whenever I hear these idiots say "I was on www..." I hope the host makes fun of the guy, because to me that's just low. If a host asks you the address that's fine, but trying to get some free publicity is just wrong.

Unlike these simpletons, Joe from Jersey wasn't doing the same thing, he was asking Mike a question and in the question, he said "I run a internet radio station and..." Once I heard that I really believed Francesa would start making fun of him, but to my great surprise Francesa did the complete opposite.

Mike Francesa started asking Joe a ton of questions, and with each answer I was just waiting for Joe to get the Francesa metal chair across the back of the head WWE Heel turn, but to my amazement Francesa never laid the smackdown on him.

Mike Francesa showed Joe the utmost respect, and it became clear that Francesa was actually interested in how internet radio stations worked. After the segment was over, I went over to www.puregoldpg.com because after all Mike Francesa showed Joe an enormous amount of respect, and as a loyal Francesa follower, I should at least give the site a few moments of my time

I was pleasantly surprised to see an archived interview with Lori Rubinson, which now means I have to cut her some slack, because I really did not think she is all that great, but she went out of her way and showed these guys some respect, so "Big Ups" for that move.

The two things I cherish above all else is respect, and loyalty. Lori showed them respect, so in turn I should do the same for her show, since I now viewed her in a different light. More importantly what this archived program did was to legitimize PureGoldPG. A WFAN host like Lori showed that these host's were not some morons locked away in their mom's basement, who thought they were some 2.0 version of Adam "the Bull"

As I listened to the archived shows it became readily apparent that this wasn't a joke, this show was a legit operation. I also loved the fact that they talked more than just sports, they tried to cover a range of entertainment subjects like televsion shows, and movies, and of course talking a little WWE is a big plus.

I contacted the hosts Joe Buccino and David Gomez through twitter @PureGoldPG they asked me if I would like to call in when the show was live. I of course was honored that they asked, and agreed.

The show airs every Tuesday and Thursday, so last night at 10:30pm after talking to Adam "The Bull" on WFAN, I called PureGoldPG, and I had a great conversation. I actually felt more at ease talking with them, than on WFAN. As many of you know I am on WFAN all the time, but no matter how many times you're on air, there is still the pressure of trying to get everything you want to say out, when you're always up against the 20/20 updates. When talking to PureGoldPG you never feel that pressure.

I know there are a lot of people too intimidated to call WFAN, any first time caller would know exactly what I am talking about. With PureGoldPG the pressure is far less, and anyone who is worried about saying "First time, Long time" on WFAN could really get their feet wet with a great show like this.

I am sure if you take a few minutes and head over to www.puregoldpg.com you'll enjoy listening to their archived section, and then take the next step and call in.

PureGoldPG airs every Tuesday and Thursday, so give them a call at 714-364-4721 between 10 and 11pm. I am 100% sure that you'll enjoy it, as much as I did.

By Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120
Email mezz1962@gmail.com
WFAN caller Dominick from Hicksville

Pure Gold
05-20-2011, 13:05
Wow Dom all I can say on behalf of the show and of course Joe is thank you. What a glowing recommendation of our program. We really appreciate it to the utmost and you are always welcome on the show. Glad you like the variety aspect of it too because that's always been our catch 22. Do we focus on sports solely to get the sports crowd or do we do what we want and hope others like the same and you prove that we made the right call. Thanks a lot man. Loved having you on. Love this site for allowing us fans of the FAN to share our thoughts and opinions. Gotta love it.

Pure Gold

05-20-2011, 19:59
Man that really is some hardcore complemting going on there. I just might have to check it out

05-21-2011, 12:51
Yes I will also check it out. Great review