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05-21-2011, 15:57
Justin Turner is fast becoming a cult hero, and to the red-head community, he is almost God like.

To become a cult hero you need a few ingredients,. The most important of which is playing good baseball, but that alone would never bring you anywhere near cult hero status. You also need timely hitting which Turner over his brief career has more than demonstrated.

There is one other facet that you absolutely must process, and that is you need to look different from the ordinary player. A Mohawk haircut, talking to the baseball, or growing a thick nattered beard and dying it jet black will also do nicely. Any of these attention grabbing gimmicks will work, but Justin Turner does not need any silly paraphernalia, because Turner's calling card is completely 100% natural.

With every big hit when the camera's pans into the dugout for the congratulatory back slapping shots we see Justin removing his helmet and BAM!Like a moth to a flame. his flaming red hair acts like a beacon calling all the red heads worldwide to him.

Combining all these ingredients and you have a wonder recipe to make the perfect cult hero.

Red-heads have a reputation for being belligerent, and short tempered, but imagine from early childhood getting teased incessantly about your looks. How many times can you hear "Carrot top" before you explode? Sure red-heads can dye their hair black or blond, but trying to hide from who you are just to avoid being stuck with the nickname "Red" or "Rusty" would seem a betrayal to all the other red-heads.

So I can see why these intense, passionate red-heads stick together, It also helps Turner to have a person like WFAN's Evan Roberts in his corner. Evan who is on WFAN sports talk radio everyday Monday to Friday from 10am till 1pm has been politicking for his red headed brethren since Turner joined the amazin's. After every big hit, Evan makes sure everyone is aware that the man of the hour is indeed a true red headed New York Mets hero.

There is also one aspect that most people have not caught onto that is a driving force in Turner ascending to cult status, and that is our dear friend Rusty Staub.

For us older Met fans there was a time when we were young and restless, and Rusty was our hero, Justin Turner is bringing back those wonderful memories of our long forgotten champion.

For those of you too young to know the impact of Rusty on the Mets he was a huge part in the Mets' 1973 victory over the Cincinnati Reds to win the National league pennant. Rusty hit three home runs and drove in five runs during the NLCS. He also made an outstanding play defensively, but Rusty crashed into the fence extremely hard separating his right shoulder. Even with a separated shoulder he kept playing and in true cult hero instead of sitting on the bench Rusty simply threw the ball underhand.

With his cult followers urging him on Rusty hit an amazin .423 against the Oakland A's in the World series

Staub returned to the Mets in 1981 as a free agent and served as a player-coach in 1982. Rusty rekindled his cult status in 1983 when he tied a National League record with eight straight pinch-hits and in that same season also tied the Major League record of 25 RBIs by a pinch hitter.

Like any Cult hero Rusty put a cherry on top of his cult sundae when in his last at bat in the season he hit a three-run home run off of Dave Roberts to push his average to .300 for the season.

Only time will tell if Turner will fade away or cement his cult status, but like Rusty, Justin Turner has all the intangibles to become part of Mets baseball lore, and of course red-headed sports history.

By Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120
Email: mezz1962@gmail.com
WFAN caller Dominick from Hicksville

The Boss
05-21-2011, 21:19
I've heard just about enough of this guy already... Imagine if he had achieved something?

05-22-2011, 01:50
He did achieve something, he just set the mets rookie record for getting an rbi in seven straight games, breaking Ron Swaboda's record of 6 games in a row.

05-22-2011, 09:02
They should trade him before he drops off the face of the earth

The Boss
05-22-2011, 20:09
He did achieve something, he just set the mets rookie record for getting an rbi in seven straight games, breaking Ron Swaboda's record of 6 games in a row.

I meant achieve something worth mentioning