View Full Version : Hey Mike, It's OH's WALT Not OZ-WALT!!

05-27-2011, 15:52
If a caller calls up and mispronounces a popular athlete's name, Mike will not hesitate to jump all over the guy. Yet for years he has been driving me crazy with his pronounciation of tonight's Phillies starter Roy Oswalt. You know that he knows it's Oh's Walt, yet another sign of his arrogance. To him it looks like Oz-Walt so that's the way he is going to say it and he doesn't care if it's right.

The Boss
05-27-2011, 16:05
Mike Francesa can say it anyway he wants. He may have even sent a message to Oswalt letting him know of the new pronounciation.

Jersey John
05-29-2011, 11:47
Francesas alway screwing names up - Pretty from the Mets was a recent one

05-29-2011, 12:00
We all know that Mike Francesa is a know it all and can do no wrong!!!! He is always right and will never allow a caller to be right. Wait a minute let me change that if caller is 100% in agreement with him then he is okay.... I know he is a New York boy but he does not even say his last name correct he adds an R listen next time he says it Mike Francesaer

05-29-2011, 17:32
Not only can a caller never be right according to mike, but Mike is always wrong according to his listeners!! You guys are unbelievable with this Francesa stuff