View Full Version : Heat Meltdown in Game Two couldn't have been any sweeter

06-03-2011, 07:31
After all the posing Queen James and the rest of the Miami Heat Mutts did towards the end of game 2, to watch the mavs come roaring back and steal game 2 was so sweet.

Just to see the shocked look on all the faces of the Heat players and their home crowd was absolutely 100% priceless.

Queen James will NEVER EVER be Micheal Jordon...Jordon would NEVER EVER have let that meltdown happen.

The Boss
06-03-2011, 07:49
I think it's hard to blame him for that whole thing.. But on to the comeback.. at some point with about 5 minuutes left Wade hit that 3 to make the lead about 15 and the place exploded, no way could a team or a crowd be anymore pumped up and ready for an easy win at home. How the Mav's were able to go on that run is hard to understand. I'm glad i was able to watch that though, and I can't wait to see the crowd in Dallas for game 3!

Jersey John
06-03-2011, 09:01
So if Michael won the title in his 7th year, and LeBron is in his 7th year, then I would guess that Lebron is 4 years younger then Michael was, is that right? So effectively if the Heat win this game then LeBron has a 4 year lead on Jordan right?

06-03-2011, 16:17
I never saw MJ doing the Gorilla yell after a dunk like James did yesterday...LeBron will never ever...EVER be Michael Jordon...LeBron couldn't carry MJ's Hanes comfort Waistband Jock Strap