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06-09-2011, 00:57
"Not in our House" that is the mantra that has been around for years, but for the past few years under Girardi it seems that he talks tough, but when it comes to backing it up his team time and time again lets the other team kick sand in their faces in their own back yard.

When David Ortiz did his best dancing with the stars twirl, followed by his grand standing flip of the bat after hitting yet another long bomb into the Yankee stadium night, everyone expected Ortiz to be dusted the next time he stepped into the batters box. Like so many times before what every fan expected once again never came to fruition.

In fact in his lifetime as a Red Sox Ortiz who has hit over 30 home runs against the Yankees and some of them were game changing ones to boot, not once, I repeat not once has David Ortiz ever been hit by a Yankee pitcher.

You would think that in all these years, after so many huge hits and home runs just once some Yankee pitcher would dust big Papi.

Now I never advocate for someone to be hit, there are a few rare occasions.

Your big star gets drilled when nobody is on and there is two outs and that hitter hit a home run during the game.

Your pitcher gets hit

The batter acts like a complete moron after hitting a HR like Big Papi did on Tuesday

Girardi talked so tough during the post game interview that you knew during Wednesday's game Big Papi will be rubbing out the hurt after finally getting drilled by a Yankee pitcher. All the signs were there, Big Papi with the flip, The Girardi press conference, and AJ Burnett not known for his pin-point accuracy would be on the mound. So the question wasn't if, but when will Big Papi get drilled?

Once again the Yankees have shown how soft they are, and how weak a manager Girardi is, because Wednesday's game came and went and the only thing Big Papi felt was the exhilaration of hitting another bomb over the short right field wall of Yankee stadium.

Joe Girardi talks tough, looks tough, but clearly under all those muscles and the military style haircut, lies a spineless jellyfish. It would be interesting to see when, or shall I say IF Girardi and the Yankees will grow a pair and defend their home.

By Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120
WFAN caller Dominick from Hicksville

The Boss
06-09-2011, 01:15
Francesa called for it all day. I'm driving around and as soon as I see the game started I see Pappy hit another home run. He's always way too comfortable AND they plunk us all the time. We gotta do something one of these days

Jersey John
06-09-2011, 07:30

06-09-2011, 09:38
I am not a fan of Joe Girardi, never have been. I agree that he talks a bit tough, but he is a wuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yankees are looking like little boys playing against the high school bullys......This is our house and things should be done a certain way, no one is saying hurt someone but at least brush them back away from plate!!! Tex and Martin both got hit in same inning and NOTHING was done... Joe G. is a coward and we need to have a Billy Martin attitude back, Joe Torre had more spine then this guy...

The Boss
06-09-2011, 16:15
Well if the Yankees jump out to a big lead tonight I think CC might take action. Keep your fingers crossed

The Boss
06-09-2011, 16:15
Well if the Yankees jump out to a big lead tonight I think CC might take action. Keep your fingers crossed