View Full Version : Tony Paige shut me down and hung up on me..

07-05-2011, 12:45
WOW .. My first time ever calling about two weeks ago, just tried to get some advice and some opinion on " Let's go mets " since I own the dot com. Being a met fan I thought there was some value in owning this website name as did a few hundred other mets fans I have spoken with. I need ideas that's all...

But Tony Paige totally shot me down. Said he didn't understand what I meant and said he wouldn't go to the site. Jeeeezuskryst Tony. I was just askin if it has value.. Then he hangs up on me.

Anyone have any ideas for the site? Http://www.letsgomets.com

Jersey John
07-05-2011, 21:13
The best idea for your site is to 1) change the name since it has nothing to do with the mets, and 2) Turn it into a website about your (im assuming) girlfriend, again assuming thats who is doing the dancing with the mask on.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
07-06-2011, 16:25
I'm all for that being the new Met mascot

The Boss
07-07-2011, 02:38
We've got a spot to post your links right here. (http://66wfan.net/showthread.php?1399-Other-blogs-and-websites) We would appreciate it if you put it there and put a link to this site somewhere on your site in return. Thanks.