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07-08-2011, 23:18
A-Rod hopes Jeter never reaches 3,000 hits

A-Rod is rooting against Jeter ever getting his milestone hit. Now, most of you would think it's because A-Rod is not feeling the love, and is going to bed wondering why he is feeling like the proverbial, red headed step child, but you could not be further from the truth.

A-Rod does not want Jeter to get his 3,000th because no reporter will be writing about Jeter's 3,001st. As soon as Jeter gets his historic hit, the very next day A-Rod knows one reporter will ask "Hey Alex, Since June 1st you and Jason bay have hit the same number of home runs. If that's the case and the fans are crying about Jason making so much money, what does that say about your lack of power?"

Yes, A-Rod knows sooner or later someone will be asking A-Rod some tough questions that A-Rod would need to have answers for.

"A-Rod your on pace to his 26 home-runs, with only 97 RBI's are you really worth 30 million a year?"

"A-Rod with Jeter getting so much heat from his last contract, are you worried that at age 42 the Yankees will be still paying you 30 million a year?"

"A-Rod you seem to be breaking down very quickly, and your on pace to have the worst power numbers of your career, is it because of your past Steroid use?"

"A-Rod why are you still batting clean-up, when basically your a glorified singles hitter?"

"We all know how bad Jason Bay has been hitting, A-Rod aren't you worried that you and Bay have hit the same exact number of home runs since June 1st? and what does that say about your hitting?"

Yes, ladies and Gentlemen, When Jeter hits that historic base hit everyone in the stadium will be cheering, all except one, because that person knows the poop is about to hit the fan.

Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120

Jimmy from Brooklyn
07-09-2011, 09:49
Good points, and A-Rod career is quickly dropping off. He's always hurt now!

07-09-2011, 09:55
Typical A-Rod. All about him!!! True he is not doing very well this season but he needs to step back and let Derek have his time. I am not nor was I ever a fan of Alex. But true be told Dom is correct yet again.

The Boss
07-09-2011, 11:15
I'm not sure I agree A-Rod doesnt want jeter to get the hit, but I agree he is dropping off a cliff. Leading into the off season all you heard on Wfan is that he has none of the nagging injuries going into a season that he had the past years. In no time he's sitting out a few games, and then weeks later when he's not hitting you hear that said issue is still bothering him. Then he has new issues and injuries. Now he can't hit a lick because of his knee. Whatever the reason or injury, true or false, the fact is his numbers are ordinary and underwhelming and he honestly could bat lower in the line up, and forget this 755 home run thing ever happening.

The Boss
07-09-2011, 11:44
Oh well, I guess the news that A-Rod might have surgery on his knee kinda dampens this thread.. shame

07-25-2011, 13:54
It's sad how someone who could've had such a great career at shortstop, gave it up for money. He could've stayed at shortstop, taken less money and continued on the path to becoming the greatest shortstop of our time. But, no, he wanted to get the "prestige" of playing in New York and settled for 3rd base. He cheated himself and his career which could've been much greater. Plus, what we're seeing now is the after effects of steroids, I think. This decline he is on is sad but unfortunately, deserved as he did it to himself. A-Rod could've had a hall of fame career as a short stop...now, he won't ever make it into the Hall of Fame. And all he has to blame for that is himself. Sad.