View Full Version : Mike Francesa walks away from "Mike'd Up"

The Boss
07-12-2011, 22:26
This is a shocking bit of information tonight and this article stating Francesa to end 'Mike'd Up' (http://mobile.newsday.com/inf/infomo;JSESSIONID=044BB2C829DE52FBEEDE.3128?site=newsday&view=sports_item&feed:a=newsday_5min&feed:c=sports&feed:i=1.3021131) from Newsday gives very little detail:

Mike Francesa has decided to end his Sunday night sports wrapup show, "Mike'd Up," after seven years, a person familiar with his plans said. It is not yet clear what WNBC-TV will do with the time slot. Francesa, whose ratings generally were strong, had cut back drastically on his TV schedule this past season, from 36 weeks to 24 -- only three since the end of the football season -- citing a desire to have more time with his family on weekends. Bruce Beck long has hosted in his absence.

I personally never understood how a show in that timeslot could have a big following anyway. I am a Francesa fan, but even I hardly ever caught the show.

Maybe Mike has a new project in the works?

07-12-2011, 23:00
I don't think so, As I said a few times Mike seems not to be doing his homework, and part of that is age and part is due to family. I think he is at the point in his life that he no longer needs the money and with his kids getting older, I am sure he wants to spend more time because he is not getting any younger

07-12-2011, 23:07
Hmm, hes still doing his weekdays radio show though right?

The Boss
07-12-2011, 23:38
Yes Korean, and someone mentioned the possibility on Mike doing a show on YES when the 4pm games were over.. that sounds like a good spot for Mike!

Jimmy from Brooklyn
07-12-2011, 23:52
Damn I didn't see that coming, mike pulls a seinfeld and leaves on top. I wonder if there is more to it?

07-13-2011, 12:54
I guess Mike just wants to be with his family more and like anyone else it is time to close up shop on one part of his life. He still has his radio show so maybe he will be able to be sharper on that show, as he seems to be slipping and just not as sharp. I am sure he will explain his choice when he is back on radio.... Enjoy Mike..