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07-18-2011, 22:28
After a late game error off the glove of Jason Bay, the boos came raining down from Mets' fans during the 8-5 loss to the Phillies. Frustration is the best word to describe Bay's tenure as a Met, and the Mets' outfielder agrees with that description.

Bay is only 3 for his last 30, with his average dwindling at .234. Not exactly the type of production you'd expect for $66 million over four years. The is no question in the minds of Mets' fans that Bay is a bust. He certainly isn't the player that impressed baseball people around the league when he played for the Pirates and Red Sox.

So what happened? Only Bay might know that, but it couldn't be pressure. Boston is as pressure packed a city to play in as New York, and Bay thrived with the Red Sox.
Bay was once one of the brightest spots in the league, but those days seem to be gone. Sad thing is, the Mets couldn't trade him like they probably want to. No team in their right mind would take on that contract for a .234 batting average.

At the end of the day, Bay can make his fans believe that he is as frustrated as they are but that will fall on deaf ears. Real fans live and die with the team and no matter how bad Bay is, he will still collect his money while fans will have a collective sick feeling in their stomachs.

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The Boss
07-18-2011, 23:25
What a disaster this guy is. He seems like a good guy, so I feel bad for him, hopefully he can go back to Pittsburgh where nobody cares what he does and he can just focus on his family or something.

07-19-2011, 11:09
I am a Yankees fan but know Jason Bay when with Red Sox and he was very good with them, so I don't understand why he is so bad with the Mets. He was a Pirate so he knows NL. I feel bad for him and maybe he can get away from NY. Maybe with Beltran back and Reyes he can pick it up.

Jersey John
07-19-2011, 11:10
I thought Bay was picking it up a bit? This is your typical Met signing. Jason Bay wasnt great before he got to the Mets anyway.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
07-19-2011, 13:47
I hate the dwelling on bad contracts with the Mets. Just replace him with someone fresh from the minors and be done with it.