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07-18-2011, 22:30
Ubaldo Jimenez certainly hasn't lived up to the expectations birthed from a dominant season last year, but that hasn't stopped the Yankees and 16 other teams from scouting the Colorado Rockies' righty.

The Yankees are reportedly considering making a deal for Jimenez because of the nonstop doubts about their current rotation. Jimenez is only 27, and despite his rough start to the 2011 campaign, he has pitched much better as of late. Jimenez has pitched to a 2.70 ERA in his last 33+ innings pitched. He has begun to look like the same strikeout pitcher who took the league by storm in 2010.

The Yankees have gotten much more than they expected out of former Cy Young, Bartolo Colon and journeyman Freddy Garcia. But how long can that be expected to last? Seeing as how both pitchers had dreadful starts after the All-Star break, itís doubtful the magic will last much longer.

Phil Hughes may be the shot in the arm the Yankees need, but even Hughes has proven himself to be unreliable since the second half of 2010. The Yankees current prospects, as far as starting pitching is concerned, has gotten them this far, but itís doubtful they can carry the Yankees past the elite teams in the playoffs. That is, if they can even make the playoffs.

For the Yankees, if Jimenez is the best chance they have at a good number two starter, it's a chance the Bronx Bombers will have to take.

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The Boss
07-18-2011, 23:20
its all about what the Yanks need to give up. This Jimenez has an attitude problem apparently and the odds he will roll in here and be much better then Colon or Garcia were in the first half is pretty remote, especially when he will do it with more expectation and deep into the race.

Jersey John
07-19-2011, 12:08
I am not expecting great things if we get him. The vast majority of pitchers we get are underwhelming.