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07-20-2011, 20:04
It's that time of the year again where the trade rumors are swirling while the deadline approaches. The Yankees will reportedly be interested in several players, but here's the most possible options for the Yankees to bolster their team.

The Ubaldo Jimenez rumors are beginning to take shape for the Bombers. With the Red Sox joining the race for the 27-year old pitcher, that will surely force the hand of the Yankees.

Despite GM Brian Cashman's statement that nothing is in the works for Jimenez, the Rockies have inquired about two of the Yankees' top prospects: Jesus Montero and Manny Banuelos. The Rockies inquiring about such prospects certainly puts the Yankees in the thick of things.

The Yankees do need a bat, preferably at DH in place of the uncertainty that is Jorge Posada. Who better to fill that role than Carlos Beltran? The Yankees have the prospects to make the deal happen, and have a strong advantage over every other team.

Beltran, who has a no-trade clause, wants to stay on the east coast. He will undoubtedly turn down any deal that will send him far away, and the Yankees will keep him where he wants to be; in New York. Not to mention with his history of injury problems, being full-time DH would be the best fit for Beltran.

Last but not least, the Yankees might need to bolster their bullpen. Crippling injuries to Joba Chamberlain (out for season), and Rafael Soriano (60-day DL), one would imagine the Yankees would be active for bullpen help.

No rumors have come to light on that front yet. With Soriano set to return in a week or so, the Yankees may feel the likes of Rafael Soriano and David Robertson will be enough to get them back to the World Series.

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The Boss
07-20-2011, 22:48
I whink the Yankees would be making a mistake to get guys just for the sake of getting guys. They should hold on to prospects unless they are getting something close to a sure thing.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
07-21-2011, 09:39
So do we know if Beltrans agent ever submitted that clause paperwork to the league properly?! If not then he'll be anyplace they can dump him. There is no way the Yanks should give up a chip for Beltran. He's old and not that good anyway