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07-22-2011, 14:54
Hey all -

It was recommended to me that I should post my Semi-Finalist rant up here, and I liked that idea! I don't have the time to adjust the formatting of it, and with the speed at which things could change in MLB between now and July 31st, I figured I better get it up quick! Here it is (as best as I recall it)...

"I've been catching a lot of heat for this, but I'm standing by it. I believe the Mets need to actively pursue trading Jose Reyes. I realize he may be the best player in baseball right now, but I'm also aware that he's batting 60 points above his career average, and only twice before has he eclipsed .300, and barely at that. Yes, he's an exceptional talent, but he's injury prone and in his first eight seasons his team has only made the playoffs once. And during the collapse in 2007, Jose had 32 at-bats in the final seven games of the season. He got 3 hits. I'm not saying he's not at all-star, I'm just saying let's keep everything in perspective.

Because at the end of this season, he's going to command that Carl Crawford type money, and someone's going to give it to him. Apparently he wants to stay in NY, his agent claims the bad blood Fred Wilpon's comments created has settled, but he hasn't signed an extension! He's not talking with the team now! He's going after the biggest buck. And I don't blame him, it's good business. I'm just saying the Mets need to be as smart about their business as Jose is being about his. And hey, if he really wants to be here, he'll still be a free agent at the end of this season even if he's traded!

When Sandy Alderson was on with Joe and Evan just after the KRod trade, he said his job is to broker the immediate needs of this team with the future needs of this team. Good news Sandy, this team has no immediate needs. The best two teams in the NL play in your division, and you're not gonna catch them. The bad news is that they're not going anywhere: Philli is a staple and the Braves are young, talented, and looking to add. This means the Mets need to find creative ways to compete, much like Tampa Bay has done in the AL East. And given the financial uncertainty surrounding this team, like Tampa bay, they're more like to lose their star player then resign him come free agency. Alderson cannot let this happen. The Mets cannot simply sit on the hottest chip in the market with so great a risk of losing him in free agency. Losing him for nothing would be the worst blow to the franchise since 2007. They need to move their at-risk commodity to build around the new core: Dillion Gee, Jonathon Niese, Ike Davis, Evan Turner, and even Daniel Murphy. The risk of losing Jose is too great, strike while the irons hot! And if he so loves it here in NY or if the Mets financial situation stabilizes in the coming months, he'll be back again next season anyway."



07-22-2011, 15:31
Good rant a few things I noticed

#1 I really think you lose points if you include Turner & Murphy as core players...The three core players I would have chosen would have been Ike, wright and Tejada

#2 You said "Losing him for nothing" mets would actually get two draft choices if he left since reyes is a Type A Free Agent

I do agree with your premise but my point would have been "what is better for the Mets Trade Reyes NOW and get the exact two minor league players that have already established some sort of track record or take a chance with two virtually unknown draft choices that would probably take at least a few years longer to even make it up to the big club.

The big question that should be asked is "Are the Mets in a 2-3 year rebuild or a 5 year plan?"

07-22-2011, 15:37
I basically agree with all that. Met fans just want someone love. Get what you can for this guy.

The Boss
07-22-2011, 22:12
Nice rant, how long did it take to spit out?

There will be a team out there to give something nice for Reyes, if the Mets don't jump at it I think they are crazy.

07-23-2011, 00:51
Mezz: Good points. I wasn't referring to those guys as THE core players, I meant them as part of the core (one of those moments where the formatting miscommunicates). Really good point about the restricted nature of Jose's contract. To me, you take the best deal you can get. And most likely, a better deal will come in a trade than if signs elsewhere. But that's dependent upon prospect-protective teams like SF willing to move high end prospects for an expensive star who's contract's about to expire. With regard to the 3-5 year rebuilding window, I think the biggest factor is the team's financial situation. Reports say the Picard case is looking more favorable, and after some wavering apparently the Einhorn deal is back on track. But those are both huge unknown factors in the Mets economic structure. What do you think the Mets "rebuilding" window looks like?

Boss: I finished it in about 1:55. They strictly cut the microphone at 2 minutes, so I was careful to time it (and thankfully I talk reaaallly fast!). I also cut a line here-and-there in the moment I'm sure (This transcription was my recollecting it today after learning the basics of it and recording myself doing variations of it about a dozen times!).

Tangent: Survived the hot and muggy Yankees-As slug-a-thon tonight! Nice hand to Matsui for his milestone, Tex his a Grand Slam, and Brandon Laird made his major league debut, recording a BB on AB1, and a run-scoring single on AB2!

The Boss
07-23-2011, 01:30
Oh alright, I was thinking it was less than that... and one thing someone pointed out, it is Justin turner, not Evan.

07-23-2011, 13:38
That's what I get for not proof reading!

07-23-2011, 13:39
Mets need to trade Reyes AND Beltran, get prospects and build towards the future. Even if they sign Reyes they won't have money for anyone else...good rant!