View Full Version : Bert Blyleven & Roberto Alomar make Hall

Jersey John
07-24-2011, 13:44
This is getting to be sad at this point. Every year there seems to be another player inducted that hardly seems right and this year it is Bert Blyleven. Looking at his #'s gives an idea of why I feel this way.

2 time All Star in 22 year career. Are you kidding me?

Avg record - 13.45 wins - 11.36 loses. Are you serious?

His 3.31 ERA is nothing special. His 3,701 Strike Outs are nice, but not that nice.

It is just a complete joke.

Congrats to Alomar for making it

07-24-2011, 13:53
All Star selections and Win-Losses doesnt mean too much.

The Boss
07-24-2011, 14:11
I dont think Win - loss is a great indictor myself, but things over a 22 year span will even themselves out, and a 13 win avg is not impressive. 2 All Star appearances tell me he wasnt even considered a great pitcher even at the time he pitched. I checked and the 2 All Star years he had 20 and 19 wins, in no other season in his career did he have even 19 wins. 1 20 win season and 1 19 win season, all other 20 seasons was 18 or less.

Jersey John
07-24-2011, 15:40
One 20 win season for a starting pitcher in a 22 year career and he is in the HOF??? WHAT A JOKE!