View Full Version : RIP Hideki Irabu

07-28-2011, 15:58
Former Yankee Hideki Irabu was found dead in his California apartment on Thursday.

Irabu was discovered dead in his apartment from what authorities are calling an apparent suicide. Irabu was 42-years old.

Irabu had several run-ins with the law including a DWI arrest in California and an assault on a bartender in his native Japan.

He played for the Yankees, Expos and Rangers, compiling a 34-35 record with an ERA of 5.15.

The Boss
07-28-2011, 21:51
It's always sad news when someone dies. I didn't even know he stayed in America, so obviously I don't if he was a good guy or not, but I guess we can at least say it's a blessing he didn't hurt anybody else in the process. RIP

Jersey John
07-29-2011, 00:20
Thats very touching Boss. RIP

The Boss
07-30-2011, 21:32
Apparently Irabus wife left and took the kids a few months ago, so he Hanged himself. I know because I read the details on Irabus (http://212sports.com/pros/yankees/yankees-latest-news/689-new-clues-on-irabus-death-a-tragic-end) suicide.