View Full Version : Johan On The Comeback Trail

07-28-2011, 19:33
Its has been long overdue, but after a year away from the Mets and baseball, Johan Santana is throwing in competitive games. Santana threw three scoreless innings for Class A St. Lucie tonight, his first minor league outing since major surgery ended his 2010 season early.

Santana's presence has been greatly missed and although he may be too late, he could give a nice boost to the Mets and their fans.

One can only imagine had Santana been on the Mets this year, they would be right in the thick of things in the NL Wildcard race. The Mets could be hunting for a playoff spot, and Carlos Beltran would still be a Met.

The entire mood of the entire organization, from players to fans, would be totally different had Santana been healthy. In my opinion, Santana is still one of the best in baseball and single-handedly would have changed the Mets' season.

The Boss
07-28-2011, 21:40
He would have just been traded too if he were healthy and pitching well

07-29-2011, 12:25
If he was pitching well they'd b fighting for a playoff spot they would've kept him

The Boss
07-29-2011, 13:30
If he was pitching well the Mets would still have no money and need to ditch anybody that would bring something back

07-30-2011, 00:01
They would be on the verge of the post season like the years he was pitching for them