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07-30-2011, 09:31
Who truly has the most obnoxious fan base the New York Yankees or the New York Jets?

For years the Yankees by far and away had the most obnoxious everything! Fans, Players, Announcers, you name it they somehow went over the top obnoxious on it.

The Red Sox had their nation, so of course Yankee went over the top by declaring they Yankees owned the "Universe" How obnoxious is that? So according to the Yankees Mars, Pluto and some planet 4 billion light years from Earth were now under Yankee rule. The Yankees could not even leave slow-motion replays alone, the Yankees needed to own it and without being the least bit uncomfortable with their brashness declared it "Yes-Mo"

Every winter according to the Yankees media machine and it's fan base the best free agent on the market "MUST" sign with the Yankees, after all the Yankees will pay them the most and who can resist playing for the Yankees Universe and their 27 world championships. Of course once they do sign they now have to play "The Yankee way" I am still trying to figure out that one, I wonder if it means you must use steroids?

Every year as the July 31st MLB trading deadline approaches we hear the Yankee fans calling WFAN crying every team "MUST" trade their best player to the Yankees because after all except for Boston the remaining 28 teams are only playing to develop their talent so they can hand them over to the Yankees, when the Universe comes calling.

This years "MUST" handover player is of course King Felix of the Mariners. Yes the Yankees will give them some untested minor leaguers and just because Felix is a Cy Young award winner they will also throw in Brett Gardner because after all the Yankees are gracious to their underlings and Brett Gardner is well worth one of the top pitchers in all of baseball.

Back in 2008 when the Yankees failed to make the playoff, all I heard from the fans and announcers like Micheal Kay how it was a shame that the Yankees were hit with so many injuries. It seemed like the Yankees and it's fan base thought it was somehow unfair that this could have happened to them. True the Yankees and its fan base never thinks it's unfair that they could spend $200 million and Tampa Bay can only afford $40 million, but it seems that those are the rules and it's just too bad for them.

Last year during the off season the Yankees focused on just one free agent and that man was of course Cliff Lee. The obnoxious Yankees fans were printing up Cliff Lee jerseys, and dreaming of a one-two punch of CC and Lee the moment free agency started, after all who would dare turn down the Yankee universe? It seems Cliff Lee did and from that moment on Yankee fans started cursing him out and actually calling him a "Sell-out" because he dared to take less money and play for a team he wanted to play for. Funny I did not hear the "Sell-Out" complaint when Giambi truly sold out the A's to sign with the Yankees.

So the Yankees ranked as my #1 obnoxious team in all of sports, but 2 years ago the Jets made a run at the obnoxious title and unbelievably they have not only caught the 27 time world champions but passed so fast that only a cloud of dust remained in their wake.

The Yankee fans are obnoxious but to their credit they do have 27 World Series victories under their belt. The Jets meanwhile have one Super bowl that was so long ago it qualifies for Social Security and of course 2 playoff losses in the past two years.

Long before Rex Ryan waddled into Jets training camp as it's latest..greatest head coach, the Jets fans were honing their obnoxious skills. As a Chiefs fan I could really care less about the Jets, but living on Long Island I am surrounded by these obnoxious dweebs that declare each year "This is the year of the Jets Super Bowl"

Every year a new savior was here to deliver the "Gang Green" to the promise land Richard Todd, Ken O'Brien, Browning Nagle, Boomer Esiason, Vinny Testaverde, Chad Pennington every single quarterback over the past 30 years was at the start of the season declared the new Jets savior. The Jets fans even backed Brett Favre for a few weeks before turning on him after just one too many interceptions. Now, of course we have Mark Sanchez who did just enough to fail in college and he continues that trend in the pros. I will say this for Sanchez he may not be able to put points on the board when it matter in the playoffs but he can sure score on a 17 year old.

What drove the Jets past the Yankees on the obnoxious scale was of course Rex Ryan. Rex a man who is a legend in his own mind, a man with a mouth bigger than his stomach and an ego bigger than his mouth. Rex started whining that the Jets were going to the Super Bowl, of course the obnoxious Jets fans loved it because they have been saying the same thing for years.

It did not matter that the last time the Jets were in a Super Bowl most homes still had black and white TV's. It did not matter that the Jets had a rookie quarterback, and a rookie coach who had not won a damn thing.

Even if Rex declared the Jets out of the playoffs after a horrible loss to the Atlanta Falcons...None of that mattered to him because somehow the Jets were Super Bowl bound because Rex said so and the fan base was giddy with excitement.

Well, the jets did indeed make a run only to lose in the AFC championship game. No matter Rex immediately cried the Jets were going to the Superbowl in 2011.

Last year the Jets search every police blotter for any NFL quality players and grabbed everyone they could, Drug dealers, Dead beat dads, drunk drivers, it seemed if you did not have a mug shot you were not NY Jets material.

After a dismal 45-3 loss against the Jets bitter Rival Patriots, Rex of course said the Jets were going to the Super Bowl. Well, the Jets did indeed made a run only to once again lose in the AFC championship game.

To Rex and the Jets and it's fan base somehow losing back to back years in the championship was something to be proud of. How obnoxious is that? that you claim victory as you watched the Super Bowl at home?

Even when the NFL players were locked out and no team knew what the future salary cap would be and therefor did not exactly know what players would be on their team Rex still came out and declared the Jets 2012 Super Bowl bound.

Now we get to this 2011-12 free agent signing week. The Jets immediately focused on one man Nnamdi Asomugha. By the 2nd day the Jets fans were already ordering their Asomugha jerseys, and the Jets fans were giddy with excitement because Nnamdi Asomugha was going to take them to the Super Bowl.

There was little doubt that Asomugha was coming to the Jets because according to the Jets fans how could he say no? After all "Everyone wanted to play for Rex Ryan, he was a God among coaches" in fact the Jets fans loved crying "Rex Ryan is so great the players would play for free just to be near his greatness" of course try telling dead beat dad Antonio Cromartie that.

So when Asomugha had the audacity to turn the Jets down, Jets fans cried "Sell-Out" and "How can he do this to us when we already had our "No Fly Zone" slogan all set to go?

By Dominick Mezzapesa
Twitter @dmezz1120

Jersey John
07-30-2011, 10:20
You are just making half this stuff up. Jet fans have expected to lose for many years. No matter how good they have looked early in a season the Jet fan has just waited for the devastation and heartache to start. it seems like you are pushing for induction to the Mike Francesa fan club

07-30-2011, 12:10
Wow, that was brutal. Here's the truth, the Yankees are the greatest sports franchise in the world like it or not, they have the most rings and as obnoxious as our fans may be, we can back it up. Its only natural to believe that any top player would want to be on a great franchise like the Yankees. Jets fans have a new air of cockiness with rex ryan becoming head coach, but haven't won anything in over 40 yrs so that cockiness needs to be put to bed until they win one. Both fans are pretty obnoxious agreed, but only the yankees can truly back it up

07-30-2011, 14:59
Rexs mouth and success has made us relevant for the first time in forever. Repace him with a bland coach and this team has 2 wild card losses like every other year. BackIng up the smack motivates these players. It's not rexs job to make Jet haters happy

07-31-2011, 20:00
Newest delusional Jets fans Obnoxious rant.

Somehow being 35 years old, spending 2 years in prison and getting shot in the leg matters little because Jet fans think Plexico will be all world. They quickly point out Vick did it, but fail to mention that
A) Vick is 3 years younger
B) He hardly played the first year so he spent the whole year practicing and getting back into game shape
C) Vick does not have a bullet wound in his leg
D) Vick did not have to contend with running across the middle, jumping into the air for another Sanchez over thrown ball...all the while waiting to get plastered by a 300lb lineman

So when I hear the obnoxious Jets fans actually saying they think they would rather have Plexico than Braylon Edwards I know it's time to call for some much needed medical help, because they are in desperate need to sit in a padded room for a while

07-31-2011, 20:02
I flat out agree with 212SportsWriterMike he was right on. The Obnoxious Yankee fan at least have something to say when the other guy says.."What have you won"

The poor obnoxious Jets fan can only reply "Maybe we haven't won but we lost twice IN A ROW! in the AFC championship game...so there" LOL how f'n pathetic is that!

07-31-2011, 20:09
Sorry Jersey John each and every year I heard every Jets fan say "This is the year" ONLY when you start getting closer to the playoffs and you're still in it does the worry about some catastrophe is about to happen.

Look at what just happened. The Jets fans think Plexico will be better than Edwards. Jet fans are kidding right. So a 35 yo with a bullet hole in his legs is better than Braylon Edwards who was rated according to WFAN as the #10 best free agent?

Only a special kind of obnoxious can actually believe that one

The Boss
07-31-2011, 20:52
Any comparision to Vick is strictly in the "they went to prison" realm.. Tyson did it too if they want to go that route. Dom, I think that jet fan is probably trying to look on the bright side

09-28-2011, 14:20
Sorry Jersey John each and every year I heard every Jets fan say "This is the year" ONLY when you start getting closer to the playoffs and you're still in it does the worry about some catastrophe is about to happen.

Look at what just happened. The Jets fans think Plexico will be better than Edwards. Jet fans are kidding right. So a 35 yo with a bullet hole in his legs is better than Braylon Edwards who was rated according to WFAN as the #10 best free agent?

Only a special kind of obnoxious can actually believe that one

I am pretty sure the name is Plaxico not Plexico. And looking at it now Edwards has an injury, off season brawl and I believe there was something about substance violation I read. But I may be wrong on the last one.