View Full Version : Trade Deadline Here and The Yankees Are Quiet...Too Quiet

07-30-2011, 21:46
With a gaping hole in their starting rotation, the Yankees' first priority is to add starting pitching. The trade deadline is here, and still the Yankees haven't done anything.

You couldn't ask for anymore than what the Yankees have gotten from Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia. If you would've presented the Yankees with their current stats, no doubt the Bombers' management would've taken it. Had you told them you'd be depending on these two guys in the playoffs, it would've been a different story.

Phil Hughes has been much less than what the Yankees' brass had hoped for. With dead arm issues to start the season, Hughes is just now getting back and trying to find whatever it was that he lost after the 2010 All-Star break. He is still questionable at best, and after his horrible 2010 playoffs, he is even less dependable than before.

Ivan Nova has been a nice surprise for the Yankees. In a move that had Yankees' fans collectively scratching their heads, Nova was sent back to Triple-A to make room for Hughes. Nova has had an excellent rookie season, posting an 8-4 record, with an ERA a little over four. Sure he's had his issues this season, but what rookie doesn't?

Even if Nova pitches strong down the stretch, he can't throw the same amount of innings as a normal starter, a fact that might make him undependable going forward.

Now as far as A.J. Burnett is concerned, what can you say? If the Yankees season comes down to depending on A.J. Burnett, they won't have a season. Burnett has become as reliable as a meteorologist and can't be considered a dependable option in the playoffs.

So it's pretty clear, the Yankees need starting pitching. The Bombers have enough to get to the playoffs without question, but making the playoffs is never enough in Yankees Universe. With the current starting staff in place, the Yankees won't win a World Series. As we all know, pitching wins championships, and the Yankees are lacking in that department.

The market is extremely thin for starting pitching. Ubaldo Jimenez's name has been thrown around, but teams are dropping like flies in those sweepstakes because of the insanely high asking price. Jimenez appears on his way to Cleveland, so even if the Yankees wanted to overpay the Rockies', it's too late now.

Hiroki Kuroda is a guy who the Yankees have coveted since last offseason, but missed their opportunity to sign him while they waited on Cliff Lee. Kuroda has decided not to waive his no-trade clause and is now off the market.

Despite the slow market, the Red Sox have been active. Adding Rich Harden will give the Sox depth in their starting rotation and their offense is doing just fine. The Red Sox are simply a better team, in record and on paper.

There are very few other alternatives for the Yankees, at least none that will make enough of an impact to put the Yanks over the top. There will be no Felix Hernandez on the market this year which is the caliber of pitcher the Yankees need. Make no mistake about it, the Yankees inability to make an impact move because of a weak market will cost them a World Series.

The Boss
07-31-2011, 11:08
Im saying the yankees need to just wait this out. Theres nothing of real value out there, so just forget the whole thing

07-31-2011, 16:04
Did they make a bid on Verlander!??N Seriously I heard John and Susan saying they did nothing. There was nothing worth while avaiable!