View Full Version : For Yankees, There's No Prior Expectations

08-04-2011, 16:09
Remember way back when during spring training when the Yankees announced they would be the next team to take a chance on Mark Prior? Well it's gone just like most of us thought it would.

Prior is planning on making a start in a Gulf Coast League on Friday. Prior has been predictably sidelined with groin and back soreness since April 18th, when he pitched for the Yankees Triple-A affiliate. Prior has done what we've come to expect out of him, get injured.

The Yankees took an inexpensive chance on the injury-prone righty, and it has paid no dividends for the Bombers, other than keeping their trainers busy. It's doubtful Prior will even make a contribution to the team this year, barring a miracle.

Prior has been on the shelf for the majority of his career, and hasn't been truly relevant since 2003, when he posted an 18-6 record with an ERA of 2.43.

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The Boss
08-04-2011, 20:59
Well I am excited to see how he does!