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08-07-2011, 18:44
You can pretty much seal the deal for the Mets' season, although some would argue it's been sealed since they traded Carlos Beltran. But no need to worry Mets' fans, Jose Reyes' injury may be the icing on the cake for his return to Flushing.

Yes that's right, I said it. Jose Reyes' injury is a positive for the Mets. Sure it hurts their chances at the playoffs, rather it destroys their hopes altogether, but did we really think they would get there anyway? If your address is on Dream Street maybe you did, but Reyes' injuries benefit the Mets down the road.

The Mets are officially a team looking to the future. They are no longer a win now team. They have a lot of nice pieces to take them to the future and Jose Reyes might have joined that group.

Since Reyes has begun his 2011 tear, I was under the inclination he was on his way out of New York considering he would most likely get the big money the Mets couldn't afford in their current financial situation.

As of recently however, Reyes' stock has taken a major hit. It was of vital importance to Reyes' free agent status that he stay healthy an entire year, something he's had problems with throughout his career.

Two injuries later to the same hamstring, and it seems he is the same old Jose Reyes who is a certainty to get injured at least once during the season. Surely nobody will pay the oft-injured shortstop the $20 million per year he will desire because of a lack of reassurance he can stay healthy.

The price hit that Reyes' free agent stock has taken will throw the Mets right back in the mix to re-sign their franchise leadoff man. So you see, the grass is greener on the other side for the Mets.

It may not have been the outcome Mets' fans wanted for their season, but Reyes injuries will land him back in a Mets uniform for many years to come. Keeping Reyes may be worth the 2011 season becoming a sacrificial lamb.

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The Boss
08-07-2011, 21:48
I agree with this. The best thing for a Met fan that wants Reyes to stay is injuries and bad play by Jose. Then you can have his avg player with diminishing speed locked up for all the years you desire. And I give it one year before met fans are trashing management for not cutting him and paying him off for the next half way decent SS that is available.

Jersey John
08-08-2011, 11:24
Jose blew it! How many dollars has the man lost by getting hurt this year? He was having a legendary season and now his contract will be nice, but not what it could have been