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08-08-2011, 12:25
Joe Girardi has been hailed for making a few good decisions during this past series with the Red Sox. But one can't overlook one decision that may affect the Yankees the rest of the season.
Since his entrance into the league, Phil Hughes has been moved around more times than the son of a military man. It's been a back and forth game for Hughes, moving back and forth from the bullpen to the starting rotation.

Hughes, like any starter, needs more consistency than the Yankees have given him. The recent decision to have him come out of the bullpen last night against the Red Sox was a puzzling decision at best. Now, 13 pitches and a blown game later, Hughes will have his scheduled Tuesday start skipped according to Joe Girardi after last night's game. My question is: what purpose did moving Hughes to the bullpen serve anyway?

I've been the biggest critic of Hughes' dropoff the past two seasons, but one thing I can't even deny is the lack of consistency Hughes has had with the Bombers. The same could be said for Joba Chamberlain, who is currently out for the remainder of 2011 after Tommy John surgery.
Pitchers in the bullpen and in the starting rotation have two different approaches on the mound. Starters will take velocity off in order to maintain stamina and go deep into games. Starters also often use more pitches than relievers. Once a pitcher goes to the bullpen, their velocity usually goes up because they don't need to throw as many innings. The process of weening a reliever off short work and making him a starter is a process, one that Phil Hughes is used to.

So what direction do the Yankees want to take with their once top prospect, Phil Hughes? That's unclear, but Hughes' confidence can't be very high. After six scoreless innings in Chicago, it seemed Hughes might have been building a little much needed confidence.

After blowing last night's game, inexplicably from the bullpen, Hughes' last memory will be the one that got away in Boston. One that he shouldn't have had the opportunity to give away. Whatever confidence Hughes was building is now dead, and furthermore, the Yankees confidence seems to be obviously shaken in moving Hughes to the bullpen. The Yankees have been successful in screwing with Hughes' head, and that may cost them a quality starter for years to come.
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The Boss
08-08-2011, 14:03
I couldnt believe they used him in relief. Just as his starts were getting better each week they put him in the pen. So hard for me to understand this.

Jersey John
08-08-2011, 15:00
The Yankees piss me off sometimes, This guy could be a good starter for another 10 years easy and they go and pull this crap right after Hughes ws great in that last start. I'd like to know what the hell they are thinking