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08-12-2011, 10:52
I've learned one, undeniable fact while watching ESPN: Sportscenter can be bad for your health. I could sit here and go off about all the dumb things ESPN does on a daily basis, but there isn't enough time in the day to do so. Let me share two things that have really set me off.

First thing is ESPN's non-acknowledgement of Curtis Granderson's MVP-type season. I reported two days ago that on an episode of Sportscenter, ESPN listed Adrian Gonzalez, Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury as three MVP candidates. Of course all Red Sox, something that made me wonder if Theo Epstein is running ESPN.

Then, brilliantly they went on to say Jose Bautista was one as well. He's on the losing Blue Jays. Don't forget, MVP is Most Valuable Player, not the best player. There is a difference. NOBODY has been more valuable to their team than Granderson has, and you would know that if you watched the Yankees during this season.

As it stands today, Curtis Granderson leads the AL in RBIs and runs, being the first outfielder to do so since Ken Griffey Jr. in 1997. Oh and by the way, Griffey won AL MVP that year. He may not win the award, but AT LEAST he should be mentioned.

Today I was going through the tweets of the people I'm following when I came across this tweet from Sportscenter:

"Mariano Rivera has struggled in his last 3 appearances. Who would be YOUR top choice to close a playoff game?"

Is that serious? Are three bad appearances enough to erase a career of greatness? There is nobody on this planet would could make a case for anyone but Mariano Rivera to be the best guy to close a playoff game.

Sportscenter apparently is too busy covering Arena Football League games and hasn't been watching Rivera's career. He goes through this every year, his cutter doesn't cut for a week, and he has issues. It's not the end of the world.

So why is ESPN so clueless on New York-related issues? Well I can't say for sure, but New York-related stories are just a tip of the iceberg as far as what Sportscenter, and ESPN as a whole, is clueless on.

They're quickly losing their credibility with me personally, and a lot of people I talk to believe the same thing. Is ESPN anti-Yankees? I give you the facts, you make the decision for yourself.

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Jersey John
08-12-2011, 13:54
I'm not sure I have even watched Sports Center in years. I'll watch the games but the rest is worthless to me

The Boss
08-12-2011, 18:40
ESPN is a show. I think certain people are pro and some are con. Honestly I pay so little attention to anything that anybody on ESPN says to notice if this is even true. Sorry bro lol

08-12-2011, 23:00
no that's a good thing, it shows people are already tuning them out for whatever reason they choose, their lack of professionalism is making them irrelevant.