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08-12-2011, 19:44
I think that the argument here is more of a will then should. If I was to sit here today and ask 10 Ranger fans who their pick for the next captain was, three names would surface. Marc Staal, Ryan Callahan, and Brad Richards. The Ranger's captain's position is one that should not be looked upon lightly, not because the Ranger's are an Original 6 franchise or that legends have worn that "C" on their jersey. The Ranger's need a leader some one who is a winner, not afraid to bark at a teammate when need be, and a person who will lay it out on the ice night in and night out. All 3 candidates to me, would fit the bill, but the decision will not be as easy as you may think.
Marc Staal is clearly the Ranger's number 1 defender and has worn the "A", but I cannot see him being more than that. He is not quite vocal enough to call out a teammate and it may become difficult for him to corral a locker room full of young energy.
The choice between Brad Richards and Ryan Callahan is more of a tough decision in my honest opinion. Callahan wore the "A" and stepped in as the 'sudo-captain' last year in Chris Drury's absence. Brad Richards first wore the"A" under John Tortorella while in Tampa Bay and most recently wore it in Dallas. Both men are vocal leaders and could definitely take control of the team. However, I do have an issue with both of their cases. Callahan is only signed for 3 more years while Richards is here for 9. Does that mean give the "C" to Callahan first and then let Richards take over if Cally for some reason doesn't return. I guess that would be the best case scenario and here's why;
If Brad Richards comes to New York and is a bust, it will look very stupid on the Ranger's part to have a guy wearing the "C" that doesn't deserve it (See Chris Drury). Ryan Callahan is the fan's choice for sure and I think it would be a good idea to reward him on what he's done for this team and not to reward someone else for what they have done elsewhere. I hope that Brad Richards succeeds in NY, believe me, he is the key to the Ranger's success over the next few seasons. We as fans have seen it time in and time out thou, where a superstar comes to NY and does not perform up to expectations. Ryan Callahan has not faltered as a Ranger or in NY for that matter and I think he deserves to be the next captain. However, that decision is not up to me and I think with training camp looming, we may have a new captain sooner then we expect.


08-12-2011, 22:57
I think the Rangers need a little something new and who better than the new guy in town, WITH a Stanley Cup, being the captain of this team. Richards is a winner and a great player, I think it would give the Rangers a huge boost.