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08-13-2011, 11:59
When answering questions about A.J. Burnett's struggles as of late, and his lack of production with such a huge contract, Brian Cashman told the media to relax and to smoke on the "objective pipe" when it came to criticisms of Burnett. Comments like that make me believe Cashman himself is smoking the pipe, and it isn't filled with objective.

Cashman's ridiculous reasoning came to light in a press conference with the media yesterday. Here's Cashman's reasoning in his own words:

"I encourage everybody to just break it down," Cashman said. "Break it down. Compare him to other people. Look at his start-by-start. Look at his run support. If you smoke the objective pipe, I think the coverage on him would be a little smoother, more accurate."

Cashman went on to insert his foot deeper into his mouth.

"We've got six guys who are capable of pitching in a rotation in a pennant race," Cashman said. "That's a good thing. Someone is going to have to go, and we're going to make that decision. But this stuff about [whether] A.J. Burnett is worthy of being ripped from the rotation is a bunch of crap."

Crap? Really? Burnett has an 8-9 record, posting a 4.60 ERA this season. Is that the work of the #2 starter the Yankees thought they were getting? Furthermore, is that worthy of a 5-year, $85.2 million contract? Not really. Cashman's support of Burnett is admireable, but suicidal. It's falling on deaf ears and making Cashman look dumb, not objective.

The truth is, Burnett has been even worse than Phil Hughes as of late, making himself the odd man out in the Yankees' rotation. The Bombers have been using a 6-man rotation recently, but plans are to end that and Burnett doesn't deserve to survive the rotation scale-down.

If Burnett wasn't being paid so well, he wouldn't even be playing in the Major Leagues right now. He'd be in Triple-A, thrown into obscurity. It's money keeping Burnett in the rotation, not consistent pitching. Burnett can change his hair all he wants, it's not going to help him win games and earn his contract.

So why is Cashman going out of his way to defend Burnett? No, Burnett isn't married to Cashman's sister or anything, so that's not it. Cashman is tied to that bad contract he gave Burnett, a contract Burnett hasn't really lived up to and now he's becoming defensive on one of his moves that didn't work.

Now in the last year of his deal, it seems Cashman is making a last-ditch effort to save his reputation with a signing of Burnett that hasn't worked out. Cashman has had good moves and bad, but we haven't really seen him go out of his way to defend the ones that were clearly bad.

Cashman needs a little dose of reality when it comes to Burnett, and maybe that will come when the decision is handed down to move him to the bullpen. Burnett has been horrible as of late and during his tenure with the Yanks. He can't be defended, not even by Cashman.

Besides, Cashman telling us to be objective about Burnett, than defending his signing of Burnett blindly when it clearly hasn't worked, doesn't look too objective to the rest of us clear thinking people. Cashman should take his own advice and smoke from the objective pipe and not from the "save my own ass" pipe.

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Jersey John
08-13-2011, 20:37
I dont think hes trying to save his own ass at all. In fact he said if you have a problem with AJ it is because he is not pitching on par with the contract I gave him so blame me for that. Dont blame AJ for saying yes to a lot of money