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08-17-2011, 10:17
Jorge Posada has stated he wants to play one more season beyond 2011. Here's why his 2012 season will not happen, at least not as a member of the Yankees.

It's been a long, difficult year for the Yankees and Jorge Posada. His lack of consistent production has gotten him benched twice, both against the Red Sox. He clearly isn't swinging the bat well anymore and is no longer the catcher for the Bombers. His number one job has been to produce offensively as DH, and he simply hasn't done it.

So where does that leave Posada's future? Certainly it's in doubt. His public displeasure with his lessened role has made this an ugly situation with the only team he's ever known. My question is: if the Yankees won't sign him for another year, who else would want to?

No team is going to want to take a chance on a light hitting, 40-year old DH. Furthermore, if Posada struggles and finds himself on the bench, he will become a major distraction just like he is right now. Not to mention, no team is going to want him as a catcher considering he's never been a good catcher defensively, and he isn't getting any better.

I would doubt any team would want the headache of an angry, aging former star who believes he is entitled to play not based on his numbers, but past accomplishments.

There is no question Posada is unhappy with his lesser role, but his lack of production doesn't deserve the kind of playing time Posada desires. That is, of course, unless he plays for a basement dweller of a team next year. Why would he want to do that?

Only Posada knows for sure, but his desire to prove people wrong that he's finished may end up souring his legacy. Sometimes in sports, a player doesn't know when to hang it up, and Posada might be one of those players.

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The Boss
08-17-2011, 10:47
I can't believe Posada would go to another team. I would hate to see it, too

08-17-2011, 15:34
Give it ip George! I can only see the Mets as a possibility, And that sickens me.

The Boss
08-17-2011, 21:47
I think some AL team will sign him for a year. Some team with a lot of youth. But that team will be awful and why would Jorge want that?