View Full Version : Sean Avery Cleared In Police Battery Case

08-18-2011, 12:28
The Rangers' Sean Avery has been cleared of his police battery charges according to TMZ.Law enforcement officials said "No criminal charges of any kind will be filed against Sean Avery stemming from his August 5 arrest for battery on a police officer." After cops had showed up to Avery's Hollywood Hills home for a noise complaint, Avery allegedly shoved an officer and closed the door in his face. However, it seems more like the officer got his foot stuck in the door, multiple witnesses have corroborated the story, then filed the charges.Police didn't find it appropriate to charge Avery. Apparently the matter would be handled by an informal meeting with the L.A. City Attorney, who's expected to officially close the case, without prosecution

08-18-2011, 16:05
Just because they didn't feel like it's worth their time to prosecute does not mean that he is not an @33h013