View Full Version : Gregg Giannotti returns to WFan

08-18-2011, 14:52
Wfan finds themselves shorthanded with all the vacations going on and had the great Gregg Gianotti coming back for at least a few shows:

Friday Aug 19th
10:30pm - 2am

Then he is back on Saturday afternoon / night from 1-8 with the Met game sandwiched in the middle.

The last show I see on the schedule is Sunday night, 7-10.

After that I guess he is back to Pittsburgh I guess, but Im sure he will fit his old buddy Joe Benigno in a guest spot in at least one of these shows.

Welcome back to G, and I hope to catch some of his shows while he is back.

The Boss
08-18-2011, 20:22
Thanks June. I wonder if he is going to be in NY. I imagine he'll just do it from his usual place of work. His impressions are great

08-19-2011, 19:06
It's good to hear Giannotti on the FAN, too bad it's temporary. It's a shame the FAN keeps letting these young, up and coming talent leave. (Giannoti to Pittsburgh, The Bull to Cleveland). They will probably let Sussman go. And all for what? So they can keep guys like Richard Neer and Tony Paige? With the Bull gone the FAN's fill in Roster is very weak. You've been having Lori Rubinson and Anita Marks hosting shows at more regular hours and the don't belong there. Anita Marks is a one trick pony who doesn't talk anything that isn't football, and Rubinson belong on weekend overnights if anywhere at all.

The Boss
08-20-2011, 10:31
Have to agree with that. I think these guys want steady schedules also so if WFan can't offer that then these folks take their years on the road and hope for the best.

I'll be able to catch Giannottis show before the mets today and maybe after. Looking forward to it

08-20-2011, 13:02
Is It just me or are the two Greggs(Giannotti and Sussmann) fairly similar? Listening to Giannotti again for the first time today, the thing that struck me was how similar sounding it seemed to Sussman's sound from earlier this morning. Voices aren't too far off. Similar tone and pacing. Sussman trying to talk people off of showing up at Eli's house with torches to carry him off. Gianotti in a similar vane trying to get people to get off Phil Hughes, he's starting to turn it around, why not support the guy etc.

Not a bad thing I think as I like them both. Certainly, as brought up before, tending toward higher brow, more intelligent talk instead of the lowest common denominator stuff is the right way to go. Perfect example from a couple weeks back, Dave Rothenberg also talking Yankees on EPN. AJ Burnett is so bad, Oh my G*D, the sky is falling. "What are your concerns" out of his mouth every five minutes. Dude, AJ Burnett has always been a .500 pitcher, he was 8-9 going in and got a no decision, the Yankees won the game. What else is new? They won the game, they had just moved into first place, Jeter hitting .333 so far after coming back, Yanks getting more healthy, Hughes showing improvement. Quite a nice majority of things going right at one time for a change and that's what you do? How transparent and weak. 1) Assumes listeners are dumb and fall for such gimmicks and 2) with all the Yank talk being negative and not talking Mets at all, why would people want to listen to you. Shows how bad Rothenberg and other of his ilk are. Not smart either since the callers are more fanatical and might respond to gimmicks but they are a small minority of the listeners and the majority will turn the dial since they are smart enough to see through you and not happy you are ignoring or are always negative about their teams.

We need more like Gregg Gianotti. Too bad he is only around for a few days.

Gianotti is out of practice on his Benigno, btw. A bit rusty:)

08-20-2011, 15:15
His Benigno was classic! Maybe a bit rusty like you say. His Bill from Brentwood is good too. I hope Bill gets word he is wanted on air.