View Full Version : Photo of AJ Burnett giving Girardi the Finger

08-24-2011, 14:19
Does any body know where this picture is online, or what game it is from? Thanks

08-24-2011, 17:39

Absolutely silly! The press in NY are such whiny little girls that look for every and any little thing to gossip about. Stop trying to start trouble and stop with all the BS extraneous half made up stuff that has nothing to do with the actual games/performances. If anything he is giving the ground the finger. If I'm correct, to give the finger, all other fingers are closed into a fist and it must be actually directed at someone. Neither one of those apply.

The Matt Holliday moth-in-ear story is more interesting and it really happened. In every office, in school, on most ball clubs there are people who just don't like each other and curse each other behind their backs or give fingers under the desk and what not. In all walks/occupations you'll see this. No way in heck everyone gets along. No different on most sports teams with a bunch of strong ego guys and it sometimes leads to actual altercations. What else is new? and so what?

The Boss
08-24-2011, 20:48
Thanks fs87. I heard Boomer and Carton bring this up this morning. it is not really "clear cut" finger giving evidence. They seemed pretty convinced it was hardcore proof and that picture is anything but that.

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6072/6077960387_7ff6faf8a6.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/58631352@N07/6077960387/)

08-25-2011, 17:22
Sorry about the link Boss if it wasn't cool. I probably should have just posted the photo instead of the blog link.

I didn't hear any sports talk till later with Moose. He took the, more correct if less exciting, take that it was not clear enough to say that it was the finger. Of course the callers want it to be that regardless. One guy calls about it and admits he never saw the photo so Moose gives him the business. Correct as you can't call about something and say it was the finger but you never even saw it! Another caller also said it was clearly the finger and that he stared at it for 3 hours. Again, Moose clearly asking about the other fingers and of course chastising him for looking at it for 3 hours. Caller explains that he is on vacation as if that makes it OK; actually makes it worse. Moose again 100% right, it was an absolutely beautiful day(I was at the park shooting hoops and taking some laps at the time) and the caller should go outside or spend time with the family etc.

The Boss
08-26-2011, 02:27
The link is plenty cool but If It something that I can put on this site then thats a better option. No need to send people off the site if we dont have to