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The Boss
08-28-2011, 14:17
If you are reading this then you almost certainly already seen our Adam the Bull leaving for Cleveland (http://66wfan.net/showthread.php?1539-Adam-the-Bull-leaving-for-Cleveland) thread, and already know that WFan lost what many fans consider to have been their best fill-in guy, Adam “The Bull” Gerstenhaber to Clevelands’ new FM sports talk station 92.3 “The Fan”. Adam will be the stations first afternoon drive host, and a quick check of the 92.3TheFan.Com (http://cleveland.cbslocal.com/) website will tell you that their Lineup includes Kiley & Booms mornings 6-10, then apparently nothing from 10am – 2pm when Adam The Bull is on from 2-7pm. Then Ken Carmen, Nights 7-12.

So, for those of us that wish Adam was still on WFan there is good news, kinda. You can still hear Adam just as easily as before if you are like me and listen mostly on your computer or using the radio.com App on your phone like I do. For your PC it is the same as listening to WFan. Go to that same 92.3TheFan.Com (http://cleveland.cbslocal.com/) site that I linked before, click ”Listen Live (http://player.radio.com/player/RadioPlayer.php?version=1.2.12366&station=113)” and then bookmark that page. If you are listening on any mobile device using the radio.com App you have to search for the station using the location feature and you will see it in the Cleveland section. If you are searching in the Sports section you will not find it since it is a rock station right now, and who know when they might change it in the radio.com listing.

So that’s the good news about how you can still listen to Adam the Bull. The bad news, of course, is that he will be talking Cleveland sports.

I thought when we talked about Adam the Bulls Final Show on WFan (http://66wfan.net/showthread.php?1562-Adam-the-Bulls-final-show-on-WFan) that we were just about done talking about Adam, but this first show on the new station tomorrow seems like a more fitting way to end the chapter in the Adam The Bull / WFan saga.

P.S Keep up with Adam the Bull on AdamTheBull.com (http://adamthebull.com/)

08-28-2011, 15:36
Hmmmm, listen live to Bull, listen to Joe and Evan in for Mike, or listen to Lupica. What would you choose?

The Boss
08-28-2011, 16:30
Well you can hear Joe and Evan first hour and then switch to Bull. That's what i am going to do if I can. I am going to listen to Bull for this first show at least but I am sure the Cleveland chat will some become more then I can take

08-28-2011, 17:48
Sure gonna miss Adam on the air, the last few weeks the WFAN lineup has been kinda short!!

08-29-2011, 00:43
Adam will be paired with tOSU star Dustin Fox, a local here. The show before them will be hosted by two Cleveland TV types, the sports director of the ABC affiliate and the Cavaliers" TV sideline/pre and post game guy.

08-29-2011, 00:45

(No period in the 92.3 part.)

Full site is live at this hour. Redirects to cleveland.cbslocal.com, similar to WFAN's site redirect I think.

08-29-2011, 18:10
My take on Bull's show. Of course it has a similar feel being a CBS radio family station; familiar update music and such. Bull and Fox is kinda lame name-wise. Right off the bat the two seem to pair better than Joe and Evan and Mcdonald and Tierney do/did. 60/40 split Bull is in charge unlike Joe letting Evan have too much show instead of being in charge. They seem to be a good match personality-wise. Jody Mac and Tierney never really developed since, according to the podcasts I downloaded, they only talked for ~36 minutes of the two hours making it nearly impossible. Might be a new first day impression but more passion than J&E(see Benigno twilight thread on the board) and better pacing/timing of topics. Better stories, a bit hipper music from breaks, and overall quite polished from the start(a few mishaps here and there). This 92.3FAN station is like a new model car and unfortunately seems to make our FAN look like the older model if you get my analogy(btw, no analogy or other gimmicks so far on Bull's show). Shows change can certainly be good!

Not too much Cleveland for me yet. Of course I think the NY stations have become way too narrow in scope and repeat/beat the same topics to death. Probably was actually a refreshing change for a day!

Kind of bittersweet. Good to hear Bull but listening to his show and Czaban again lately really shows the warts and age of our sports talk here in NY:(

The Boss
08-29-2011, 21:40
Oddly enough I think Dominck in Hicksville had the best call of the show, calling Tressel a fraud. Fox and Bull defended Tressel which is hard for me to stomach.

it has a similar feel being a CBS radio family station; familiar update music and such.

I was shocked how much it sounded like our FAN. Besides the Phone # and Cleveland topics it was essentially the same show.

Bull and Fox is kinda lame name-wise. Right off the bat the two seem to pair better than Joe and Evan

I like Joe and Evan so not to knock them, but I agree with this also. They Got along well and I noticed this Dustin Fox kinda jumped on bull trying to be funny once or twice but overall they got along well. They played off each other well and Im sure they will do well together.

For a first show I thought it was great. I think these guys have spent a lot of the last few weeks getting to know each other, they sound they all know each other well already. They did have good music once in awhile, and the show had a good sound to it. Even that night guy was really good on air for a first 10 minutes of his show that i listened to.


The following are some comments from folks responding to a blog on waitingfornextyear.com (http://www.waitingfornextyear.com/2011/08/92-3-the-fan-is-here-let-the-games-begin/)

Just first impressions, but Bull and Fox sound pretty decent. Far better than Reghi

Adam the Bull & Dustin Fox sound great to me

I’m glad Dustin Fox is getting a shot and I like what I hear from the Bull so far

08-30-2011, 00:37
I caught the bull at that owner out there bashing the Yankees about their payroll. Hey, how about you try winning a WS in the last 50 years, or at least do everything in your power in an attemp to win like the Yankees do every single year, and then maybe your opinion will matter.

08-30-2011, 15:09
One thing about that Tressel interview: Dustin Fox is, of course, a former player of Tressel.

Adam is getting some other reviews on the various local boards:

The Bull is no doubt a star. Two days in and he is the best sportstalker in Cleveland.

Adam The Bull - WOW, the best show hands down. Very entertaining. Surprisingly good chemistry between he and Fox. I was extremely impressed. Great flow, interesting topics, lively discussion.

After hearing Adam The Bull's monologue today, I was SO pumped up, I was ready to run into a wall! Seriously, he's THAT good. I give his debut an A+++++++++++++++!

Adam The Bull is the star. He is really good, down to earth, personable, and earthy without being crude or nasty.

He will take a huge bite out of Trivosonno, who is none of those things.

Adam is clearly the star, but I knew that going in based on his work at WFAN. R&R is very much in trouble, and he'll give Triv a run for his money, too.

That is not just a function of how good Adam is, but really, Cleveland sports talk in general pretty much stinks until now.

I look forward to listening to Adam for the next year or so, when WFAN will probably call him back to NYC for a weekday slot...