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09-03-2011, 11:53
By contributing 1924 Sports writer: Frank Costantino http://1924sports.wordpress.com/

Iím starting today with a very firey topic and to be honest, I wouldnít want it any other way. Football in New York. Yes, I know the Giants have been around longer and yes I know the Giants have won 3 Super Bowls. When the Giants are bad or play bad, thatís the only thing the Giant fans have to hang on to so of course they use it. As of right now though, September, 2011, who is the more important football franchise to the Empire State? Well I hate to break it to you big blue bitters, but it is in fact, the New York Jets. This is not a bias statement as a lot of Giant fans will say that it is, but letís just take a closer look.

Football is a game of the present. If you really want to live in the past, we can just talk about the end of the 2009 season. How the Giants organization had to write an apology letter to all the fans becuase of how pathetic and emabarassing they played down the stretch. Yes I know there are storied franchises. Look at those Dallas Cowboys. All those early 90′s titles, the cream of the crop in the NFL, hell they are Americaís team arenít they? Get out of here! The Cowboys are a joke right now, in my opinion, have been a joke for quite some time. Every year a perenial Super Bowl contender? Well how can a team with 1 playoff victory in the past 15 years be a contender every year? Good question. You can say the same for the San Francisco 49ers, a very respected team in the late 80′s through the 90′s. Since their 1998 season though they have posted a record of 78-116. Thatís the franchise that is a perfect 5 for 5 in Super Bowl games. The past 13 years: Losers. Like I said before, football is a game of now not then.

One thing the Jets have also always had over the Giants is a more passionate, rowdy fanbase who definitetly live and die with the team more. Loyalty? =J-E-T-S.. I am a Jets season ticket holder and have been going to games since my Dad brought me to my first one when I was 5 years old. Iíll never forget when I brought one of my Giant fan friends to a Jets/Chargers game in 2005. The Jets were on 3rd string QB Brooks Bollinger because of season ending injuries to Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler. The Jets lost an early season heart breaker in the final minutes. Yea, it was a bad year, a 4-12 year. Iíll never forget what he said to me though, ďMan, Frank Iíve never heard that place so loud, Giant games never get like this.Ē

The New MetLife Stadium. Ahh yes, I believe Giants Stadium is now where I play cornhole and grill burgers while I tailgate on Sundays. Its non-exsistent, nothing more then pavement and beer spills. We play in MetLife Stadium now and maybe itís actually a good thing for both of us. After all, the last memory of Giants Stadium was the green and white confetti falling from the sky onto the field after the Jets 41-0 playoff clinching win. I believe the last game the Giants played there, they gave up 41 points and lost by 32. Yes, that victory lap the Jets took around the field at Giants Stadium was very satisfying and just some momemtum to bring next door to the new stadium.

Jets, too much Bravado? Yes Rex Ryan is brash, cocky and confident. Let me ask you a question. What NFL coach doesnít have confidence in their team? What coach goes into games expecting a loss? Letís face it, there are some bad teams in football, but iím sure every coach believes in his players and his system or else they wouldnít be coaches. There is really only 1 thing that sums up Rex and if you deny it well then your just a liar. If Rex was your coach, you would love him. Itís as simple as that. Well Rex must be doing something right if many of the players in the league have said that they would love to play for him.

The last point I want to make on this subject is the comparisons that are drawn between the Mets and the Jets. Now I know the Jets played in Shea and the Giants played in Yankee Stadium. The Giants and Yankees have been around longer than the Jets and Mets. The Giant fans always use these comparisons. You are the Mets of football they say. Well if the Jets are the Mets of football these days then that has to make the GiantsÖThe Trenton Thunder? Come on man, nobody cares about what is going on with Big Blue today .The Media? Its all about Gang Green. The Jets are the team of the town right now. If you say that they are not more important then the Giants, you have to be a Giant fan or just someone who doesnít really know what is going on in the world right now. Maybe you live on the moon.

I know some of the Giant fans pride themselves in not being in the spotlight because itís the classier thing to be doing and that you are doing your business under the radar. It just seems that the fans are feeling very inferior these days because all those other years you were the team of the town you loved to be in the spotlight and picked on the Jets for being the 2nd rate team. But my how the tables have turned. Now we are up top and the important team and your being prideful about being the quiet team who just goes about your business? Make up your minds! Your mentality is that no matter what happens you will always be big brother, but face it ,this present day youíre nothin but Big Blue Bitters!
Hey just take a look at ESPN.com/New York. I believe itís Mark Sanchez on the Empire State Building, and Eli Manning on the smaller building next to it. Big Brothers? I think notÖ

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Jersey John
09-03-2011, 21:47
Jets are taking over, no doubt about it. The Giants may hate Rexs mouth but they will be thanking the heavens for deflecting a lot of the towns attention when they fail miserably this season.

09-04-2011, 09:07
That's what I'm talking about Sam! Giants ate goIng to be taking more of a back seat every year.

09-04-2011, 23:01
There is a lot of Hype around the jets right now. It would only make sense that they would need to win something before being able to say it is thier town though