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09-06-2011, 09:07
In New York, it's either World Series or bust for the fans. The Yankees are expected to be in the hunt every year, but unfortunately that is never enough. No doubt it will be a tough road for the Bombers this season, much tougher than the World Series run in 2009. Here are four major reasons why the Yankees will not be raising their 28th World Series banner in 2011.

1. Unreliable Starting Pitching
It's been a pleasure to watch Ivan Nova pitch as well as he has this year. Nova is certainly a Rookie of the Year candidate in 2011, but has never pitched this many innings in his young career. That can be unpredictable.

Nova has pitched well enough to be the Yankees' second starter in the playoffs, a tough spot for an inexperienced pitcher like Nova. He will soon discover that with all the added pressure, pitching in the playoffs is a different animal than pitching in the regular season.

It is simply too much to expect out of him that he will handle it well enough to help the Yankees get to the World Series. The Yankees have gotten all they ever could have hoped from Ivan Nova, and being successful in a big-game situation like a playoff start would be an added bonus.

Then you have to take a look at the other starters the Yankees have. Can you really sleep easy at night knowing Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia are two of your playoff pitchers? You certainly can't sleep easy at night thinking of A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes taking the mound in the Division Series. The Bombers' pitching is just too unreliable.

2. Boston Red Sox
Posting a 4-11 record against the Boston Red Sox so far this year and it is clear to anyone with a brain that they have owned the Yankees this season. I have said it since April that the road to the World Series will almost certainly go through Boston. They are just too good.

Not a single Yankee has pitched consistent enough against Boston to give fans any confidence that the Yankees can beat the Sox in a seven-game series. Not even ace CC Sabathia has fared well against the Yanks' rivals, leaving Yankee fans to wonder exactly who can pitch well enough to beat the Red Sox?

If that series happens, the Bombers might need the Curse of the Bambino to once again rear it's ugly head in order for them to win.

3. A-Rod's Injuries
The Yankees don't even get to the 2009 World Series if it wasn't for the bat of Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod's several clutch hits and home runs got the Bombers to the promise land in '09. In 2011, A-Rod's numbers are clearly down having battled injuries the entire season. I have trouble imagining that Rodriguez is 100% with all he's been through, and the Yankees slugger has proven that when he isn't healthy, he isn't hitting.

The Yanks, much like 2009, will need A-Rod's bat if they want to win in the playoffs. Without it, I have a tough time believing the Yankees can claim their 28th World Series championship.

4. Stiff Pitching Competition
Despite Ivan Nova's great season, the Yankees 1-2 punch in their starting rotation can't compete well enough to match up with some of baseball's elite teams, such as the Red Sox and Phillies. We all know that great pitching can beat great hitting every time. The Red Sox 1-2 punch is better and more experienced than the Yankees, and will certainly give the Bombers' line up a tough time in the playoffs.

Even if the Yankees were to get past Boston, most likely they will have to deal with the Phillies who have the best rotation in baseball and certainly a better 1-2 punch. Having to face Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee back-to-back and twice in the same series is a scary thought. It will be nearly impossible to beat both, thus making it extremely difficult for the Yankees to win the series.

Even if you get past those two, you still have to deal with Oswalt. It will be difficult to say the least knowing the Yankees' history against Halladay and Lee. The stars will have to align for the Yankees to avoid such a path to the World Series title in 2009.

09-06-2011, 09:59
Your A rod point is kinda weak for me bro. Grandersons MVP type replaces A rods 2009 year easily. Like every other year, if a few of our guys happen to be hot in the post season it is usually enough to carry a team, and none of those players need to be A Rod. There's about 7 other guys in the line up good enough to do it

09-06-2011, 10:07
I agree with Junior on Arod... Yankees did very well without him and what has he done since he is back... As a Yankees fan this is very logical but I go on Faith and I have to belive in my team..... So I hope you are wrong on your very well taken points..

The Boss
09-06-2011, 10:49
I believe Dominick in Hicksville had a thread outlining why the Yankees wouldnt make the playoffs. One reason was Colon and Garcia surely sucking and not lasting the season. Well I think its safe to say the Yankees will make the playoffs. And with the uncertain pitching that pretty much brings them more in line with all the other teams.