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09-15-2011, 16:35
It is inevitable that Alex Rodriguez will become the full-time Yankees DH. He has battled injuries the past few seasons, and it may be more important for the Yankees to keep his bat in the lineup, rather than his glove in the field. So when will this happen?

My guess is the start of the 2012 season. Jorge Posada will almost certainly not be a Yankee in 2012, and his exit from pinstripes will open up the DH spot in the lineup, a position Posada has owned the majority of the year. Rodriguez will fit in perfectly for the Bombers in that role.

It may be a difficult adjustment for Rodriguez (just ask Posada), but a necessary one. You would be surprised to find out how much fielding can take out of a player. It is not as simple as it seems. In fact, Rodriguez's return was delayed after his last DL stint because he didn't feel like he was moving well enough in the field. It is just another way a player can get injured, a way the Yankees must eradicate for Rodriguez next season.

That's not to say Rodriguez will see no time in the field, but it will certainly be more limited than in past years.

That leaves one major question: Who will be the Yankees' next third baseman?

I think the first obvious answer would be Eduardo Nunez. He has done a lot of filling in at third for Rodriguez this season, a role that might have been slightly forced with the injury to the original backup, Eric Chavez. Nunez has been a horror at best in the field, filling in at third and shortstop as well. Throwing errors and bobbled balls have been the story of Nunez's defense, and if that continues into next season, the Bronx Bombers may want to have a different option to play third.

It certainly won't be Eric Chavez. He is way too injury-prone to be anything more than a backup at this point, and if you're a team relying on Chavez to play the majority of the season, you have major issues. At the most, Chavez may return to once again play a backup role for the Bombers.

The only place left to look is free agency. There aren't too many sexy names out there that the Yankees could go after. The most attractive third baseman out there will be Aramis Ramirez. He will be one of the top names in free agency—that, is if the Chicago Cubs let him go. The Bombers will most likely have to pay a pretty penny for the 33-year-old, but with his experience playing in a big market, he could be just the guy the Yankees are looking for.

Looking at it objectively, it's probably overkill if the Yankees would bring in Ramirez. Chances are slim that they'll pay out the money Ramirez will be looking for, and most likely, Eduardo Nunez will get the nod if the Yankees turn Rodriguez into the full-time DH. No matter who they choose to take his position, I have a pretty good feeling A-Rod will be the Yankees DH in 2012.


The Boss
09-15-2011, 18:46
That leaves one major question: Who will be the Yankees' next third baseman?

Is Drew Henson ready to come up yet?

I think A-Rod needs to DH next year. I am not exactly a big fan of his so maybe I am biased. It would be great to have have someone that could be a long term replacement take over next year, but if that top prospect isnt on the team then buy a few years with good player and hope he turns into a Scott Brosius for a few years.

Jersey John
09-16-2011, 17:05
A-Rod can't even stay on the field anymore. He might need to DH and still take days off. He'll be lucky to hit even 50 more HR's before being done