View Full Version : Is there a Tebow-Obama comparison to make?

09-15-2011, 16:39
In more bizarre Broncos fan news, eight Broncos fans are planning to get money together to put up a billboard promoting a change at quarterback. Their solution? Tim Tebow no doubt. The fans say Tebow gives them the best chance to win.

How on Earth would they know that?

Before I get to my feelings on that ridiculous occurrence, I want to make a comparison between the fans' blind faith in Tim Tebow and the blind faith President Barack Obama's supporters used to have in him. Just bear with me, I'll show you the similarity.

When President Barack Obama took office, change was the theme of his presidency. Change in the way Washington D.C. does things, change in the way the country as a whole does things. He was considered the greatest thing since sliced bread and many held him in extremely high regard despite the fact he had yet to prove anything.

I would venture to guess that the first year of his term, supporters of Obama were going through what far-right pundit Sean Hannity called, "Obama derangement syndrome." It was a term coined to describe the incredible hysteria around President Obama, a politician who was being held to a god-like standard. No matter what the president did, he could do no wrong.

Now three years into his presidency and President Obama's numbers are falling quickly. The economy hasn't gotten better, political manners have gotten worse and the country as a whole has been worse off since he took office.

As a result of this, Obama's approval ratings are at all-time lows and people are now aware they put an inexperienced man in an important position, one he was never qualified to have. They were so certain he would be successful and change the face of the country, but once he got down to actual work, it was a different story.

Obama didn't have the experience for such an important position as President of the United States. Obama never ran a hot dog stand, let alone a country. Being a biased community organizer doesn't make you an experienced executive either.

So how does this compare to Tim Tebow?

Well Tebow is an inexperienced young QB who has never run an NFL offense. Sure he was a Heisman Trophy winner and a National Championship winner in college football, but I could go on for days listing QBs who did the same and never amounted to squat.

Now Tebow has a groupie-like following, similar to Barack Obama's, who feel the young QB can do no wrong. They want to put him in the most important position in football having proved nothing to his coaches and never having earned it during training camp.

Call it "Tebow derangement syndrome." They have this blind faith that Tebow will get the job done, thinking they know better than coaches with decades of experience judging NFL-ready talent. Amazing how people think they know better than the guys who are actually calling the plays on an NFL sideline.

I have a good feeling that eventually Tebow will get his shot, making it one of the most talked about stories in football. People will be ready to blindly support Tebow's efforts to be a starting QB and they will believe he can do anything.

I also have a feeling that once Tebow actually has to work and produce results, much like Obama had to, they will find out all their hopes for "change" will not be met. They will end up finding out that much like Obama, Tebow will be unable to live up to their expectations.

Let's just hope for Broncos fans it doesn't take them as long to wake up about Tebow as it has for this country to wake up about Obama. One thing's for certain, once Tebow gets the job, they won't have to suffer for four years to get him out like we have to suffer with Obama.

God bless America!

The Boss
09-15-2011, 17:33
Much like the presidential situation, the people know that what they have, in a nutshell, sucks. So they are desperate for anybody to replace the current. Do they have supreme confidence in Tebow? No. But they know he might be good and what they have now pretty much has no chance at being good.