View Full Version : My solution to the Yankees 6-man rotation problem

09-18-2011, 05:23
We as fans would hope that Joe Girardi would listen to us, but he won't. Instead he'll continue the circus that is his six-man rotation. Thank God the season is almost over.

Since Phil Hughes has come back off the DL earlier this year, the Bombers have been acting irrationally with their rotation. First it was sending Ivan Nova to the minors despite the fact he was one of the Yankees best pitchers until that point.

But all is forgiven because now Nova proved to be unaffected by the move and has become the Yankees No. 2 starter. It still doesn't take away the fact of how dumb the move was considering Phil Hughes' start to the 2011 season.

Next was the six-man rotation.

The Yankees are being cautious as they move closer to the playoffs and the six-man rotation is a way of giving their pitchers extra breathers. In the process, it's not helping the team at all.

With another bad start on Friday night, CC Sabathia has not been himself. It's because Sabathia has had to pitch with an extra day of rest, something the big lefty is not used to. It's absurd to think that a workhorse like Sabathia is going to need extra breathers. It's been proven time and time again that CC needs to work on regular rest.

I can live with a three-day rest in the playoffs, but it's important that Sabathia doesn't get taken out of rhythm. He's the Yankees best pitcher and you want him with a mind clear of all these bad starts going into the playoffs.

Now it's become this game to see who can hurt the team more, A.J. Burnett or Phil Hughes. The Yankees are hanging on a prayer that one of these two guys will amount to something this season, but both haven't shown any promise or differences in their starts that would make you believe they can.

The Yankees are in fact blowing games with their six-man rotation, taking the ball out of their best starters' hands in order to figure out which one of their under-achieving, disappointing starters can take the final spot. A spot that has no business pitching in the playoffs.

Ivan Nova, Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia have pitched well enough to 100% deserve a start in the playoffs. They have been much more consistent than Hughes and Burnett, making it an easy choice to make for Girardi.

The possibility the Yankees use a three-man rotation during the playoffs makes it even less likely Hughes or Burnett will make a start. A decision needs to be made about the rotation and the futures of Phil Hughes and A.J. Burnett.

I have just the solution. It's not really that difficult, Joe, so take some notes.

I would take Phil Hughes and throw him in the bullpen, a place where he has had not only experience, but success as well. He could shorten the game even more for the Yankees seeing as how Garcia and Colon might not give you many innings. It would further deepen an already deep bullpen and making the move gives Hughes the time to adjust. Sorry Phil, but you'll have to wait until next year to show us something.

As for A.J. Burnett, yes I would keep him in the rotation. I know he's been killing the team all year, but at least with Hughes out, the Yankees only have a sure loss once every five days. When the playoffs begin, Burnett wouldn't even be on my roster. Let him hide in the clubhouse and hand out towels to his fellow teammates. That's about the most you'll get from Burnett this season.

So the choices are pretty clear, now Girardi has to do something. The Yankees can't afford to keep giving these guys the ball without having a bigger lead in the division and wild card. This should be a cruise to the playoffs but the six-man rotation is making it tougher. It's just not working and it needs to go.