View Full Version : Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao: The Greatest Fight That Will Never Happen

09-20-2011, 14:11
Another fight for Floyd Mayweather Jr., another victory. With that victory, despite the controversial nature of it’s ending, Mayweather once again proves there is nobody on his level talent-wise in the boxing world.

Well there is one fighter and that is Manny Pacquiao.

So it would seem easy to guess that the two would eventually fight one another, but it has yet to happen. Both fighters have proven that the only one who can matchup with them are each other.

So why hasn’t the fight happened?

Floyd Mayweather continues to insist that not only is Pacquiao a cheater using PEDs, but also wants the best fighter in the world to draw blood for an Olympic-style blood test just prior to their fight. No boxer in their right mind would draw blood before a fight, it just isn’t rational. It has been proven in some instances, taking a blood test even a few days before a fight could possibly weaken the test-taker.

Pacquiao has already commented on the blood test and it’s possible side-effects.

“The truth is taking blood out of my body does not seem natural to me and mentally I feel it will weaken me if blood is taken from me just days before the fight. That does not make sense to me why anyone would do that.”

While the Mayweather camp has stated the test to be non-negotiable, Pacquiao has been willing to take the test 30 days before the fight and shortly thereafter. That still isn’t good enough for Mayweather.

So will this fight ever happen?

As a boxing fan, you would hope so. This is a dream fight and easily would be the fight of the century. Boxing is a sport that is hemmoraging, not having many great American fighters anymore. Much of the talent in boxing and the titles, have gone overseas, making it tough for fans to relate to the top boxers in the sport.

The few good American fighters left aren’t really that good either. Mayweather is the greatest American fighter alive today and is in a class all his own with Pacquiao, making it the fight everyone wants to see. That being said, it makes it that much more important that the sport makes this legendary fight happen. It would instantly shoot boxing to the top of the fighting world.

MMA has been successful because when UFC fans want to see a fight, UFC President Dana White gives it to them. Boxing is unable to do the same. With a surge in popularity for MMA, specifically UFC, boxing is only going down. UFC is currently the top fighting sport in the world.

I don’t blame boxing for Mayweather’s seeming fear to fight Pacquiao, I blame that on Mayweather. By default, in my mind, Pacquiao’s willing to take the fight makes him the best fighter on the planet and pushes Mayweather down the ladder.

I refuse to support any Mayweather fight until he fights Pacquiao. Mayweather needs to stop this selfish attempt to keep his undefeated record and put it on the line so he can give the boxing world what it wants. He is single-handedly hurting his own sport by his actions, or lack thereof.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is 34-years-old with Pacquiao soon to be 33, the clock is ticking away on this fight. Mayweather Jr. will see his legacy badly hurt by his refusal to fight Pacquiao if he never does and nobody will look at his career quite the same if he continues to duck the greatest fighter in the world.

With lawsuits and bad blood (no pun intended), I truly believe that Mayweather’s ridiculous demands will stop this fight from ever happening.

The Boss
09-20-2011, 17:07
The lack of competition hurts boxing in more then one way. In this case Floyd in undefeated and would rather just not fight Pac and risk the loss. If he already had a few loses he wouldnt be so scared of one more.

Insisting on Pac having a blood test is just silly. But, if you are Pac, just do it. Have both of them get blood drawn at the same time. They make it sound like he's having a quart taken from him.