View Full Version : WFans "Boomer and Carton" May be Nationally Syndicated

The Boss
09-22-2011, 17:12
This story onWFan morning show hosts Boomer & Carton are working on National Syndication (http://sportsmediawatchdog.com/?p=297) mentions that
A source close to the situation indicated to me this afternoon that Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton are working on a radio deal to have their “Boomer & Carton” morning show on national syndication.. This quote from author Mike Silva, along with others asks the question about exactly what this might mean for listeners of the show.

The big question is how will they play nationally? If the show doesn’t grow from its current sophomoric nature I think it will be a dud.

This is clearly driven by Esiason, as he has the national appeal his partner lacks. If you remember, Carton’s venture into television on Spike failed miserably. Will radio be any different? The show has regressed in recent weeks as it’s become repetitive. You can’t keep an audience nationally with “Mets fans for Yankees” or by bringing in 21 year old female college students for trivia.

I think Mike brings up a few interesting points in his article. What are Boomer and Carton going to do for listeners in Chicago, Dallas or LA? Why would anybody in those cities want to hear exclusively about New York Sports teams?

09-22-2011, 18:01
I only like local sports so I would probably change my dial this is why I hate 1050. But I am sure it pays them well

Jersey John
09-22-2011, 18:33
I seriously doubt the show could stay the same. I really don't see this happening, and I don't see it working if it does happen

09-23-2011, 09:32
These guys don't have enough Sports knowledge to talk National Sports. You can get away with that in local sports because there's less to cover, but if they had to talk nationally they will look like bufoons when they are trying to break down and analyze a team in St. Louis or Detroit. Carton has personalitly but his Sports knowledge isn't more vast than many other sports fans. And outside of football the same could be said about Boomer.

Pure Gold
09-23-2011, 10:43
I don't like the show as it is. It's very childish well Carton is very childish. I don't like his humor. Boomer is not bad though. If they went national they couldn't talk exclusively NY sports teams which would lose it's appeal in this market for the NY fans. I agree with Jholcombe1 in that I could care less about national sports and that's why I don't listen to ESPN 1050 either. Carton really isn't knowledgeable about sports at all. He just talks crap. It would tank if they went national.

09-24-2011, 10:32
As New Yorkers we really could care less about national sports. We don't care much about hockey or college ball. Don't care about baseball outside of Yankees or mets. I don't think the national show will happen.

09-29-2011, 21:08
espn has a local flair as each big market has 75% local sports with the rest national..u have 1050espnny.com, boston, dallas. la, chitown etc..if maddog and mike were'nt syndicated boomcart wont be