View Full Version : 2 NY Jets On 2012 Hall of Fame List

09-28-2011, 15:02
Joe Klecko who by far doesn't get enough recognition for what he did as a member of the NY Jets will be on the ballot. Along with him is the work horse Curtis Martin. Curtis was always a class act on the field and off.
Don't think both would get in, but I have to say Curtis might be a first ballot inductee.

The Boss
09-28-2011, 18:43
I will hold comments on Klecko, but I will say that there is no way Curtis Martin should be in the Hall. I was very much in favor of the jets dealing off martin to Parcells in Dallas who needed a back and would have given draft picks. No telling how much better off the Jets might be right now. Anyway, I see C-Mart as being a good back over a very long career compared to other backs.

09-28-2011, 21:58
It is funny I know a lot of people who feel the same way you do with Curtis. I have heard a lot of people feel he just padded stats for his own good and now for the good of the team. Curtis never whined always showed up for work and I don't remember any teammate ever speaking negatively about him. Now I know that is not what gets you into the Hall. But I think if Curtis wins a championship while he is here on the Jets people view him differently.

I would ove to hear your thought on Klecko.

Jersey John
09-29-2011, 13:31
Klecko should be in, and martin just is not a hall of fame caliber player. I would like to take a quick look at his stats and I bet they are not great outside of the ones do to longevity.