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09-29-2011, 10:16
Mets fans are used to their team finishing their seasons in horrendous manners. Whether it's an all out collapse to lose the division or Jose Reyes weasel attempt to win a batting title, it's become normal for season endings like these.

The Mets are no doubt the redheaded step-child of New York baseball and wish it was they who had the glory of 27 World Championships or perennial playoff runs like the team across the bridge from them. Instead, they're stuck with a sad organization whose made choking fashionable and may be apart of the biggest con-artist scheme in the history of mankind.

That being said, it's no surprise that Mets' fans don't really know any better.

Now Mets' fans are pointing the finger at the Yankees and blaming the Bronx Bombers for the Red Sox collapse and ultimate elimination from playoff contention. All this to deflect criticisms of Jose Reyes' disgraceful decision to pull himself out of the last game of the year after a cheap bunt single in order to help secure his selfish desire to be the batting champion.

Here's where Mets' fans are misguided, something that is as normal as the sunrise.

First of all, the Red Sox completed the biggest September collapse in MLB history. The Sox were seven games up with about 20 games to go and they blew it. The Red Sox can blame nobody but themselves, unless your a Met fan trying to create a controversy.

It's ignorant to overlook the lead the Sox had and blame their missing of the playoffs on the Yankees. Besides, Mets' fans should know that when you choke and ultimately collapse, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Not the Marlins, or in this case not the Yankees, but yourself.

Second of all, this notion that the Yankees had all replacements playing and the fact that the replacements are responsible for the Yankees' loss last night is absurd.

If the Mets' fans had actually checked the box score, which would actually make them informed, they would have seen that seven of eight runs allowed by Yankees pitching were allowed by all Yankee regulars out of the bullpen.

Boone Logan and Luis Ayala allowed three runs each, while Corey Wade and Scott Proctor allowed a run each. Proctor is the only Yankee pitcher to allow a run who hasn't been pitching all year.

Logan, Ayala and Wade have all had very good seasons and have been integral parts of the Yankees success out of the bullpen. Just look at their stats.

Had the Mets' fans actually paid attention, something nobody can expect from a Mets' fan, they would have seen that the Yankees jumped out to a 7-0 lead with all their regulars getting three at-bats at least. It wasn't until late in the game, not the first inning like Reyes did, until the Yankees pulled some of their regulars out of the line up.

Joe Girardi isn't a fortune teller and couldn't possibly imagine the Rays making an improbable comeback like they did.

The Yankees have a playoff series to play in one day, Joe Girardi has been preparing for this for a week or two and owes nothing to any team. He is lining the Yankees up to have all their pitchers ready for the playoffs, something Mets' fans haven't had to do in a long time. So maybe they've forgotten how it goes. Had one of the Yankees' regular gotten injured during the game, people would be criticizing Girardi for not pulling his best players.

Now the comparison, or deflection as I call it, is being made between the Yankees losing yesterday with so-called "replacements" and what Jose Reyes did. Fact is, you can't compare the two.

The Mets' fans know what Reyes did was disgraceful at best but accept it because it was the first batting title in team history. Boy, what a way to accomplish a franchise first and in pure Mets fashion. Reyes got it done looking like a weasel and the way the Mets got their first batting title in franchise history embodies everything the Mets' organization and fans are all about.

I guess if Mets' fans want to say the Yankees "gave up" to allow the Rays to win, they would know what giving up is like. After two collapses, called third strikes to end the NLCS and being apart of a major ponzi scheme, any chance Mets' fans will get to deflect negative attention, it's been proven they will take it.

My message to Mets' fans? Have fun watching the NHL and NFL as another baseball season for Mets' fans ends in a familiar way, early.


09-29-2011, 10:30
Just a typical Mets fan reaction.... so I agree with you on this! Great article as always...

09-29-2011, 11:04
Met fans will stoop to any low imaginable to ease the pain and disgrace that surrounds their team. That Reyes thing yesterday was as selfish a thing as I have seen in sports. A complete and total joke.