View Full Version : ALDS Game 1: Robinson Cano Proves He Is Yankees Best Player

10-02-2011, 06:50
The Yankees found themselves up 4-1 against the Detroit Tigers in Game one of the ALDS, bases loaded and two outs. In such a big spot, the Yankees had up exactly the guy they wanted to have up, their best player.

No it wasn't A-Rod, Mark Teixeira or even AL MVP candidate Curtis Granderson. It was none other than Robinson Cano.

Cano has skyrocketed his value from a great player to a superstar in the past few years and may have made his biggest statement with a grand slam that put the Tigers to sleep.

It was a mammoth blast, taking the wind out of the sails of the Tigers completely, giving Ivan Nova all the runs he would need.

Rightfully so, Joe Girardi has moved Cano to the three-hole after having Mark Teixeira owning that spot in the order the majority of the year.

And why not, Cano is far and away the Bombers best player and he deserves to be there.

Don't forget that Cano is not only a second baseman, normally a light-hitting position, but a Gold Glove second baseman at that.

It seems there's nothing Cano can't do well.

If your not sure about my stance on Cano being the Yankees best player, just ask yourself one question:

Is there a single Yankee you'd rather have up in a big spot than Cano? If you answered no, then you agree with me.

Cano just gave us another reminder last night why he is one of the best not only on the Yankees, but in the MLB as well. His monster numbers and incredible consistency make that an easy call.

Your officially witnessing a changing of the guard as far as the best of the best on the New York Yankees. Ivan Nova may soon own that title on the mound and Robinson Cano has already proven he is the best player on the Yankees.

The Boss
10-02-2011, 14:05
it didnt take game 1 to tell us that. If he stays hot theres a great chance he will carry us. It would be nice if one of these other mega stars stepped it up too. Solid D , power and avg make Robbie the best