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10-19-2011, 11:00
Hey guys, this is my first post on the board. I follow everyone on Twitter and was referred to join!

With that said I look forward to reading and posting and having fun. I work in TV and I do my own video blogs. I produce a 1 man show called The Couch and I blog about sports entertainment and here is the link to my World Series match up

Feel free to also view my Divisional and Championship series match ups..



10-29-2011, 13:58
Unlike most analysts who wont reply back on there false predictions Ill man up and admit I completely underestimated the St.Louis Cardinals. I really felt that the Texas offense and bullpen would be the key to beating the Cards. Ogando who man handled Detroit and Tampa Bay could not last against the Cardinals at all.

I was baffled as to why Washington took him out after blowing it in the 9th. Hamilton got back those 2 runs for them. I guess Feliz could not handle the pressure and as a Yankee fan this really shows us to be grateful of what we have in Mariano Rivera and how in my opinion he is the greatest player of our era. Both Motte and Feliz were made human very quickly and I hope and pray Rivera stays healthy and dominant till he is 50 years old.

With that said stay tuned cause next week ill do by "November Meetings" blog... Here is a quick preview/prediction

Prince Fielder to the Cubs!!

The Boss
10-29-2011, 15:01
Its hard to post now, but with the Cards making that huge comeback in spetember, and beating the Philiies I thought they would win :p