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The Boss
10-21-2011, 17:28
Well, Mike Francesa has done it again.

Not to say that this incident was all his fault, and actually, judging by the reaction on this trending topic on twitter, Mike Francesa who is constantly receiving 99% negative comments is actually receiving a lot of support over the much loved Darrelle Revis. Heres the video of the entire interview:


From nypost.com (http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/jetsblog/jets_revis_hangs_up_on_wfan_francesa_O2dxYLHKpKo6s5owYVBk6J), we have this written transcript from Brian Costello:

Darrelle Revis: The rules are very strict, they’re very tough. The refs do a great job, you know, if they see it they’ll throw the flag. If they don’t, they don’t. The game is going so fast so fast out there. But I didn’t mug Brandon Marshall. No, no, no.
Mike Francesa: You have him by … you go back.
DR: No I don’t. I watched the film.
MF: I want you to come in this studio with me when you have a chance …
DR: No.
MF: … and I will donate anything to your best charity if you tell me you don’t have him by the jersey 10 yards down the field.
DR: No. First of all, if you know football and you watch the film you can see he was tripping …
MR: [Laughing loudly]
DR: … and that was the only thing I could do is put my hands [inaudible]. Then when I see the ball, I move him out of the way, push him out of the way to get the interception. That’s not mugging him.
MF: Oh, that’s how you had his jersey. He fell into you.
DR: So you know football, dog?
MF: [Laughing loudly]
DR: You know football or you know how to ask questions?
MF: Hey, you can say whatever you want. You know you can’t touch him like that down the field.
DR: Do you know football or are you good at interviewing?
MF: I’m both.
DR: No, no you’re not. You’re good at one, and I’m good at one.
MF: You’re very good at one, but I know what I’m watching here. You know …
DR: You’re very good at one, too.
MF: You know you can’t touch him like that.
DR: Just keep it at that Mike.
MF: Listen, I will donate whatever you want … if you try to squirm out of this one.
DR: I don’t need no donations. I don’t need no donations, trust me.
MF: You know … hey listen, you can say whatever you want … wait you want to go on the record and say that’s not a penalty.
DR: A penalty? I can say whatever I want to say (voice raised). It’s not a penalty.
MF: Not a penalty?
DR: Did the ref throw the flag?
MF: No.
DR: OK then. It’s not a penalty
MF: He’s not allowed to miss one?
DR: It’s not a penalty. Just like the ref don’t throw the flag when he pushes off of me. I mean this is a game, brother. What are you talking about?
MF: I didn’t say you didn’t get away with one.
DR: There’s a number of things that go on on that field that you have no clue. But you know football.
MF: Wait a second. Aren’t you allowed to get away with one, though?
DR: There’s a whole bunch of things that go on on the field that you have no clue. So, what are you trying to say? Did they throw the flag? No they didn’t.
MF: No, they did not throw a flag.
DR: OK, so the play is the play.
MF: That doesn’t mean you didn’t get away with one.
DR: The play was the play. Actually, the ball was behind him anyway. He was nowhere in sight to catch the ball. So, what are you talking about? The ball was thrown way behind him. I had to move him out of the way to catch the ball.
MF: You are still the only one in the world who doesn’t think that was a penalty including the guys …
DR: I don’t care. I don’t care what everybody thinks. I don’t care what you think. I don’t care.
MF: Listen, I don’t expect you to care. It’s over with.
DR: I watched the film. You good at interviewing. I’m good at what I do. Just leave it at that.
MF: Wait a second, you trying to tell me that just because you’re a corner and I’m not that I can’t say that was a penalty. Now, come on.
DR: Dude, why because you got a radio station?
MF: No.
DR: Because you have an influential voice out here that you can say what you want to say?
MF: Yeah, that’s OK. I’m allowed to have an opinion.
DR: OK. That’s your opinion. Have you ever been out on that field?
MF: That doesn’t matter. That’s not fair.
DR: [inaudible]
MF: Hey, did Jon Gruden say that was a penalty?
DR: I don’t care who said it. Jon Gruden, you, whoever. I don’t care.
MF. Wait a second, so no one can have a …
Jared Winley: Darrelle, Darrelle, stop.
MF: Who’s that talking?
JW: This is Jared Winley, from the Jets PR staff.
DR: This is why no one wants to get interviewed by you.
MF: Oh stop. Wait a second. What are you getting on there for?
DR: Whatever, dude.
JW: Darrelle, hang up.
MF: What is he hanging up for?

Winley released a statement through the Jets later Friday afternoon.
It read: "In my judgment, given the tone of the interview, I should have asked Mike to move on to another topic, instead of instructing Darrelle to hang up the phone. That was an error on my part. I’ve called Mike’s producer and I apologized."

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10-21-2011, 17:44
Go on the air with Mike and apologize to him, not his producer!

Jersey John
10-21-2011, 17:53
What a joke! Revis is the one that brought it back up after the subject was changed anyway... He had to say that he didnt have a hold of the Jersey... a complete joke. Victor Cruz had a sense of humor when asked about that non fumble a few weeks ago against Arizona. Revis seems like the perfect example of a person that never hears anything exceopt for how perfect he is.

10-21-2011, 23:39
revis is a chump....why cant he go on the radio by himself? he needs the pr guy to babysit him. what a disgrace revis is

10-22-2011, 07:52

it was damn funny

10-22-2011, 08:35
Even with the blind critism of Francesa on every little thing he does and says, and this time Revis is actually taking all the flak. Francesa should have dropped it after a minute or so, but he had already dropped it after opening the interview with it. Revis brought it back up, and we all know that Mike Francesa is a bit more stubborn then the average. Once Revis said to Mike that he doesn't play football so he doesn't know football, then You had two guys on the defensive which usually will turn into an argument.

I'll tell you what, if they could ever get RevIs to a reinterview, that would be the massively hyped and anticipated

10-22-2011, 09:55
This just keeps proving my point That Mike Francesa is a loser! He noy only repeats himself over and over on a day to day basis, but he did it with this past interview, he provoked Revis thoughout the entire interview..... I hope The Jets players never go on his show.. He got an apology from the PR guy where is Francesa's to Revis??????? He is losing it and it is beginning to show!!! Just sayin.....

10-22-2011, 12:10
Better than everyone else(esp. the station that carries the Jets games) being weak and shill-like with all the players. The never say anything negative on the broadcasts/interviews thing is quite boring. Revis did bring it back up. Mike was right though he goes too far in the other direction. I agree with him but going as far as the apologists do in the other direction is not actually balancing the scales. Bigger deal than it had to be. WEPN, with not letting Jets players go on the competing station, and when they do, there is a monitor/babysitter is so weak. Is it a bunch of little girls gossiping on the phone or grown men talking football. Lost some respect for the Jets. Revis sounded like the product of all the Rex/ EPN shilling; meaning a spoiled, whiny baby.

Today on Jody Mac, again the Jets station, he looked at it 20 times and it was not pass interference. So lame cause I just looked at the video and after 5 yards Revis blocked his cut, grabs Marshall's Jersey, then that causes him to stumble. The "he tripped and Revis was holding him up" is shill stuff. He never would have stumbled if Revis didn't grab him and prevent him from bouncing off and going in the other direction. Really silly for a big deal when the Jets would have won anyway and there was no reason not to have some fun with it. It's how the game is played. You grab the guy if he would have bounced off you the other way and your momentum would have let him get open and possibly score a touch. You take the interference instead of the TD every time.

I guess Mike could apologize for pushing him on it but I do understand getting into it when you see Revis acting spoiled like that. Again, better then shilling for and excusing them all the time. The sports talk interviews I want to hear are the ones that help keep them accountable/honest instead of excusing/minimizing everything and are shill/love fests. Those are fake and boring. At least this was fun!

The Boss
10-22-2011, 13:50
Today on Jody Mac, again the Jets station, he looked at it 20 times and it was not pass interference.

That's something I hadnt considered, on WFan it has pretty much been 24 hours of Mike Francesa / Revis talk, but Now I have to wonder how 1050 is handling the topic being that is involves 660 WFan and Mike Francesa.. they would really be bringing attention to the competition by talking about it.

Something else that I am realizing, is that now the fans of WFan are being permitted lengthy extensive phone calls in which to heavily criticize Mike Francesa. Up until now, the second someone tried to bring up Mike they would be told to call his show and tell it to him. They have never been given a forum to openly talk about Mike using words like arrogant or egotistical. Even though most people are agreeing that Revis should not have had a PR guy on the phone with him, or hung up, etc, people are still getting to bash Francesa since this story is the biggest Sports topic in NY right now.

Francesa is not there to shout over or hang up on the critics! Very unique situation in WFan history.

Jersey John
10-22-2011, 14:57
Hold onto your bowels for this one

Remember, it was just a few weeks ago that Francesa tried to block Blitz from WFAN’s computers. He understands where news is generated today, and taking Blitz away from the Morning Show’s repertoire would put a dent in their content.

Here is the list being referred to in that quote

07. Mike Francesa
06. Mike Vaccaro
05. George A. King III
04. Craig Carton
03. Peter Vecsey
02. Larry Brooks
01. Boomer Esiason

Thats some list from http://bobsblitz.com that I guess Bob made up on his own, and this article from http://sportsmediawatchdog.com/?p=453 states that the whole Revis situation was planned out

planned by Francesa and his producer Ray Martel at the beginning of Friday’s show. This was originally reported by Bob’s Blitz late yesterday evening as well. Why would “New York’s #1″ need to resort to such gimmicks? Jealousy, as Francesa continues to lose power at the station and his Q-Rating with the public versus Boomer Esiason.

So if I understand this correctly, Mike Francesa, in an attempt to beat Boomer and Carton on the Bobsblitz most Buzz worthy list, decided he would create this situation with Revis. AND they are saying that for some reason he would need to have Ray Martel in on it - I'm not sure why Mike would need Ray to have any knowledge of this but apparently he needed to "plan" it with him.

I'm not sure what part of this is most outrageous, the fact that Mike is #7 and Carton is ahead of him, that idea that Francesa gives 2 shits about some list on Bobsblitz.com, or the idea that Mike set this up so that he could move up a few spots on the list. Just stupid

10-22-2011, 16:05
[QUOTE=Jersey John;

...and this article from http://sportsmediawatchdog.com/?p=453 states that the whole Revis situation was planned out

So if I understand this correctly, Mike Francesa, in an attempt to beat Boomer and Carton on the Bobsblitz most Buzz worthy list, decided he would create this situation with Revis. AND they are saying that for some reason he would need to have Ray Martel in on it [/QUOTE]

Mike or Mike and the Dog always "call them on it" when someone got a freebie on a missed call or whatever. Most listeners knew he was gonna bring it up to Revis. What they've always done and not some elaborate plan. Strange :) What did Martel do exactly? Force Revis to act like a 10 year old not caring what anyone says and "I can say whatever I want" instead of being a good sport like others have in the past. What could have been the downside. Revis probably did the worst thing in that situation though it's still not a big deal.

Tony Paige had it right, two big egos butting heads.

I hate when people treat us like we are stupid. Whether it be sportsmediawatchdog or Jody mac etc. and on and on. We can easily watch a video and see for ourselves the real deal and we know that you couldn't have planned it to work out that way with the Revis getting insulted or the babysitter coming in to end the interview. No gimmicks just what you have heard many times before. Derek Jeter didn't act like Revis with the Maier call. You caught a break maybe have some fun with it. The guys that don't call them on it/bring it up are not worth listening to. And, as mentioned, we are dumb enough to believe Mike cares anything about something on Bobsblitz.com.

I knew the Revis interview was gonna be a pretty big deal when they included it in the updates. A topic now, I guess, so the old "talk to that host about something that happened on their show" is put on hold.

The Boss
10-23-2011, 12:28
as mentioned, we are dumb enough to believe Mike cares anything about something on Bobsblitz.com.

My favorite part is this:

Remember, it was just a few weeks ago that Francesa tried to block Blitz from WFAN’s computers. He understands where news is generated today, and taking Blitz away from the Morning Show’s repertoire would put a dent in their content.

I can believe that Mike would want to block BobBlitz because of the Images coming form there, and the funti.me (http://matthewfunti.me/) website, which you can see posted on Cartons desk in the videos posted in the Boomer and Carton vs Mike Francesa (http://66wfan.net/showthread.php?1385-Boomer-amp-Carton-vs-Francesa) thread, but to suggest that Boomer and Carton depend on Bobs Blitz for content or, that Mike Francesa thinks he is going to hurt the show by blocking that content is pretty ridiculous.

10-24-2011, 10:21
Here are my thoughts on it. Mike definitely made some mistakes here and misread the situation badly. Mike thought it was "being playful", but clearly Revis was not taking it that way and Mike should have picked up on what was happening and probably just moved on.

Revis should have just done the usual thing when a player gets away with a play and laughed it off. The old well "the ref didn't throw the flag so It wasn't a penalty" was a fine answer from Revis, except it wasn't said tongue in cheek like it should have. Revis was actually arguing as if it was a valid point.

All that being said, the Jets PR was just bush-league. Telling Revis to hang up was so amateur and to an extent made Revis look weak that he needed someone to "protect" him. It also re-enforced the view that the Jets are only doing interviews at 1050, their flagship, where they are sure to get softball questions and Pro-Jet viewpoints. Thats weak.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
10-24-2011, 11:24
I like Boomer just fine, but that hack Carton has no business saying anything, about Mike Francesa or anybody else.
First of all, if Boomer and Carton are so "Buzz worthy" then why do they, and half the newspapers, bloggers etc, talk and write about Mike Francesa everytime he sneezes, but Boomer & Carton can break that Doc Gooden Story and nobody knows about it until ESPN brought it up last week? Hell of a Buzz they have going on. And Carton cried because everybody cared about ESPNs story and nobody cared about Boomer & Cartons Gooden story 6 months ago. People might be listening, not not many are caring. No buzz. You honestly could take Carton off that Show and have Al Dukes and Jerry drop little jokes at Boomer like Bernie and Charles did for Imus, and the show wouldn’t lose a beat.

Carton sat there and trashed Francesa this morning because Mike brought up the "old" topic of the pass interference to Revis, even though It was from the play of the game, from the most recent game, with the player involved in the play. What more recent topics should Francesa be asking Revis about? Should he be talking about things outside of football that Revis might have done in his house the previous night? And at the same time, 4 days after the interview HE is still talking about Mike Francesas interview even though we had World Series games and an NFL Sunday just passed! A JOKE.

Criticisms like that, when you look at them, are so clearly reaching just to make the situation sound worse, and so clearly are said by someone that just wants talk about Francesa so he can have some attention too.
Another thing Carton said that was a blatant lie was saying Francesa brought up the Interference call 7 times. How do you get from 2, which is accurate, to 7? Easy, you just make it up.

Pure Gold
10-24-2011, 11:56
Carton is a loser and a no talent hack. I stopped listening to them in the morning. I can't stand his banging on the desk over stuff that isn't even that funny and his general lack of knowledge about sports. How a guy like this is on WFAN in that spot is unreal. So take NOTHING he says seriously.

As far as Mike and the whole Revis situation I think Revis acted like a clown and don't fault Mike at all. Sometimes Mike can take it too far but to me Darrelle was irritated because he was called out for the truth. He got away with one. Get a clue Darrelle. As Chris Russo would say "SHOW SOME GUTS"!!

10-24-2011, 12:47
Here is my feeling with the Carton angle. The Boomer/Carton fued with Francesa helps to keep Carton relevant.

Noone cared about Carton supposedly "breaking" the Gooden story until they brought Francesa into the story. Now I noticed that Carton and Boomer got some more play on Newsday by attacking Francesa over the Revis story. Carton and Boomer use the fued to try to generate buzz about their show. Clearly WFAN is okay with it because it helps their show. Normally, you would think Chernoff would not want the behind the scenes backstabbing and attacking making it on the air, but clearly it is good for the Boomer/Carton business so its become a storyline on the morning show.

It comes across like bush league radio by the Boomer Carton show, but its not surprising.

10-24-2011, 14:09
craig is definitely a clown.....today he said he was at the fan longer than mike as an intern in 88. even though mike was there in 87.

10-24-2011, 14:59
Carton takes all his stuff from two people who influenced him. Howard Stern and Chris Russo. Of course weak copies of both. Bringing supposedly hot women in and asking them questions to test their knowledge of something; think I seen that before somewhere before. Fighting with Mike gets some interest? Never would have known. Why do you think they brought in Mad Dog way back when? They could have kept Mike paired with Ed Coleman but they wanted some butting of heads. Not to the Pete Franklin level but they knew what works.

Problem with Carton is that he thinks you can do something forever even if it is a far cry from the original. He'll probably have Al Dukes doing awful Pelfrey parody songs even if Pelfrey goes to another team. Carton has really worn out his welcome already as one might expect since he was bringing weaker recycled stuff to start. Carton picking at Mike is easily seen through for the gimmick it is. This makes it fake and very lame. Again, only the real thing is good. Anything copied or fake/forced is not gonna work here. We're in NY Carton. We've seen it all!

10-24-2011, 20:41
mikie said he has always been on revis side..he said give him the money during his contract negotiations in 2010..mike left out one bog point..they both have the same agent..of coarse mikie wants revis to be paid as much as he can so mike's agent makes out big..by mike speaking on wfan that revis deserves the money it helps his agent in contract negotiations..

The Boss
10-25-2011, 10:15
Yesterday, Bob Raissman wrote this piece yesterday, someone just sent me the link:

Darrelle Revis flap with Mike Francesa on WFAN heats up as Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton jump in

Also, I heard a clip of Revis saying "Mike whatever his name is, I don't even know his name". I'm assuming he had been asked about that phone call and that clip was the only part Boomer & Carton played. So, Revis comes off a little immature to me.

Update: I saw Jessica Taft from YES interviewed Revis:

Revis Mike'd Up
Much was made of Revis' interview with Mike Francesa on the FAN (or should we say lack thereof?). The Jets cornerback cut the phone interview short by hanging up on the talk show host following repeated questions of his controversial 100-yard interception return for a touchdown during the Jets win over the Dolphins on Monday Night Football.

So was that the last we'll hear from Revis this season in regards to the Mike Francesa Show? "He knows my agent pretty well," Revis said. "I'm not saying 'no' but I'm not saying 'yes.' I've known Mike a long time. I have my opinion he has his."

10-25-2011, 11:42
Thanks for the info Boss.

I have a feeling this will get resolved and Revis will appear on Francesa's show and it will be something of a lovefest. It was a silly argument and I do think that while Revis was agitated I think he wouldn't have hung up if not for the JETS PR guy telling him to do so. Also Francesa for the most part backed Revis when Revis was holding out for money and I am sure that the agent will smooth this all out.

As for Boomer and Carton, its just a weak attempt to get themselves into what has been probably the number one media story the past 5 days.

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