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10-22-2011, 13:56
Ask any radio host on the planet, and they would tell you that the Darrelle Revis-Mike Francesa interview from yesterday was great radio. That is, if they have a pulse.

Francesa got the best cornerback in football, and one of the more soft-spoken, to hang up on him after a minor, verbal scuffle between the two.

It happened when Francesa continuously drilled Revis about a possible pass interference no-call last Monday night against the Dolphins. The non-call, which was clear to most fans watching, resulted in Revis returning an interception 100 yards for a touchdown.

It was a play that shifted a ton of momentum in the Jets' direction in the midst of a nightmare start.

Revis clearly didn't think it was a penalty, defending himself over and over again to a skeptical Francesa until he decided to hang up and give Francesa exactly what the radio host was looking for, a great radio moment.

Truth is, Revis gave into Francesa's constant prodding during the interview by hanging up on the WFAN talking head. What he should have done was, say that he agreed to disagree and move on.

But that didn't happen. Instead, Revis battled Francesa for a good five minutes until the phone interview ended. Clearly, Francesa was poking Revis continuously in hopes he would get a rise out of him, something Francesa was successful in doing.

Criticize Francesa all you want, that move was calculated. He knew exactly what he was doing to Revis and his burning desire to piss off Revis had gas thrown on it the second Revis showed emotion, specifically anger and frustration, at the repitition of Francesa's question.

Put a "W" in the win column for Mike Francesa and a big fat "L" in the column for Revis.

Francesa's job, above all else, is to make great radio and give the people listening something to not fall asleep to and more importantly, get people talking as well.

That interview did just that and will certainly be one of the more memorable soundbytes in Mike Francesa's career. Debate all you want how he got it done, Francesa did exactly what he gets paid to do.

And if you doubt anymore that Francesa got the job done, well, you're reading this article now, right? And don't tell me you didn't try to find the soundbyte or watch the TV clip either. Everybody loves a cringe-tastic moment.

It's an "L" for Revis because in the world of interviews, you just don't walk out in the middle of them, or in this case, hang up. Revis needs to be more professional and could have easily diffused the situation but continued to feed the fire by giving the repeat questioning the time of day.

Not to mention, with all the trash talk Revis gets on a weekly basis from ignorant wide receivers around the NFL, you would think he'd be immune to the poking of a radio talk-show host like Francesa.

This was a definite win for the big guy.


The Boss
10-23-2011, 11:29
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10-23-2011, 11:40
You are kinda of misleading a bit. You said Revis ended the interview and he hung up on him when actually the "monitor" came in and ended it. Just like Mike even said, if not for that, the interview would have gone on past that and probably moved on from it. So Revis isn't the Loser for walking out cause he didn't actually end it. He gets the "L" for his childish statements some of which were pretty stupid as well. You don't know football, you know interviewing. Pretty funny stuff. He can say whatever he wants :). What was next Mr. Revis, it wasn't a penalty "cause I said so".

A Jet win, a nice little break and Revis acts like that. Imagine after a loss what he would've been like. Probably would've threatened going to the FAN studio to kick Mike's ass!