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10-24-2011, 12:35
I listened to the interview legendary WFAN and YES sports talk host Mike Francesa had with New York Jets All Pro Cornerback Darrelle Revis that ended with Revis being told to hang up the phone on Francesa, and have come to the conclusion that both men could have took the higher road.

I, like many in the New York City area, have listened to Mike Francesa for over 20 years. I consider myself a big fan, but I am also aware of his cocky, Rex Ryan-like ego at times when interviewing someone or speaking with callers.

Francesa began the interview with a rather sarcastic congratulation to Revis for wining AFC Defensive Player of the Week, saying congratulations on winning ‘player of the week or whatever you won”, which automatically set a condescending tone for the interview. Francesa was very complimentary of Revis, but continuously beleaguered the point that Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall was ‘mugged’ by Revis. Francesa also laughed mockingly at Revis has he explained what happened on the play in question. It was an underlying tone of the interview, and both men should have agreed to move on past the topic.

Revis countered with the foolish, but all-too-common declaration to Francesa that he doesn’t know football because he didn’t play. While many of the best football minds have had professional experience, there are also quite a few that have none. The same goes for all sports. For Revis to suggest that Francesa’s opinion has no merit because he never played football is wrong, period. Revis also dismissed the opinion of Super Bowl winning coach John Gruden as well, who also said the play was a penalty. Revis also rejected the offer for Francesa to donate money to a charity of his choice if he could prove the play wasn’t a penalty.

Watching the game Monday, the referees allowed Revis and Marshall to play physical. Marshall pushed off on Revis for a reception just a few plays earlier, which showed the referees would allow them to play physical. Revis adjusted to the referee and made a spectacular play.

Though the Revis/Francesa radio fireworks is quite entertaining, ultimately as a fan of both men, I would hope that they both would take a higher road and conduct themselves with a higher level of professionalism. Francesa should not badger a player about one play throughout the entire interview. Revis took the bait, and, instead of dismissing it, got into a verbal confrontation about the play, leading to his hanging up the phone on Francesa after public relations representative Jared Winley suggested it. Gentlemen, we expect better of you both. Hopefully this will end with these two having another interview and perhaps raising money for a charity as well.

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The Boss
10-24-2011, 12:45
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Your opinion matches that of many others. Comments on the subject should go in that main thread. We can't be discussing identical topics in multiple locations, but thanks for posting with us.