View Full Version : C.J. Wilson is not the answer for the Yankees.

10-26-2011, 08:42
The New York Yankees quest to find a starting pitcher will no doubt have them crossing the path of the top free agent pitcher, C.J. Wilson. Like a path with a black cat on it, the Yankees should avoid it altogether.

Wilson is currently the ace of the Texas Rangers' staff and one game away from winning the World Series. Any speculation of Wilson leaving Texas is just that, speculation.

Combine that with the fact that the Rangers could win their first World Series and Nolan Ryan's love of pitching. Add it all up, and it spells that C.J. Wilson will be back in Arlington for 2012 and beyond.

But if so happens the chance that the Yankees have a crack at Wilson, they shouldn't even bother.

The Bombers will have enough on their plate in re-signing CC Sabathia, a move that may cost them up to $25 million per year. That is a lot of money and Wilson won't command much less than that.

Wilson is a No. 1 starter so he will expect that money. Problem is, the Yankees already have a No.1 starter in Sabathia, who I'm sure will return next season. Wilson could be a great No. 2, but the problem is that the Yankees already have a No. 2 in Ivan Nova.

Or did we all forget that?

So it's clear the Yankees simply don't need the caliber of pitcher that Wilson is.

Taking a look at Wilson's postseason numbers and you'll see he hasn't pitched like an ace.

Wilson is a terrible 1-5, with an ERA of 4.94 in two postseason stints with the Texas Rangers. In New York, those numbers will get you booed off the mound. Wilson would be the subject of the back page of New York newspapers, labeled as a bust for numbers like that.

The Yankees have had trouble with reliable starting pitching in the playoffs and adding Wilson certainly won't help that problem.

Wilson's track record just isn't enough for me to say the Yankees should give him top-pitcher money this offseason. The Yankees have enough long-term deals that aren't working out for them right now.

They will be handicapped for years to come because of these contracts and can't afford to add C.J. Wilson to that list.

Well they can afford it, but you get the idea!


10-27-2011, 09:22
Locking up any non- ace long term for big money is a huge mistake. This is why AJ and A-rod will me starters way past the good years