View Full Version : Game Five of the World Series- A Game That Went Wrong on So Many Levels

10-27-2011, 03:03
Game five of the World Series was a game that went wrong on so many levels. This was yet another game the Cardinals lost but should have won. There were plenty of opportunities for them to score. They left twelv e guys on base, and took advantage of only one of the Rangers' two errors, in which a runner advanced and eventually scored.

Now forget about all those missed opportunities the Cardinals had. That was only part of the problem. The real problem was the pitching . Though Chris Carpenter only walked onebatter in the seventh inning, he should have been taken out in the sixth, rather than the eighth, after giving up a game-tying, solo home run to Adrian Beltre, and back to back singles to Nelson Cruz and David Murphy. Though Tony La Russa DID have Octavio Dotel warm up tha t inning, he did not come in until the eighth inning. He faced only three batters. After Dotel gave up a double to Michael Young, I wanted him taken out, but once he struck out Adrian Beltre, I believed he was settling down. After all, it's not fair to judge a pitcher just because of one bad pitch. After he intentionally walked Nelson Cruz, Tony La Russa went to the bullpen to bring in lefty Marc Rzepczynski to face left-hander David Murphy. He singled on a line that went into center field after it hit Rzepczynski's knee, loading the bases. Then he gave up a two run scoring double to Mike Napoli, in which the Rangers took the lead. Now, whose fault was it for Napoli's double- Rzepczynski, who only had a few seconds to react to get out of the way of Murphy's line (which was coming at him faster than a car) or get his glove in position to catch it- or Tony La Russa, who somehow forgot which pitchers he wanted to have warm up and pitch? If it wasn't for Tony La Russa's mix-up, Napoli's eventual game winning double would have never happened. Rzepczynski wasn’t supposed to face Napoli- Jason Motte was. Tony admitted to that mistake too. Lance Lynn, who came in after Rzepczynski to intentionally walk Ian Kinsler, was never supposed to warm up or pitch. The game should have never ended the way it did, and Jason Motte striking out Elvis Andrus proved it. Jason Motte probably would have been able to get Napoli out, and should have faced him to begin with, and remained in the game afterward, only taken out if necessary. That would have been the best approach. While watching the game, not realizing there was a pitcher mix-up, I thought Tony was playing baseball politics- bringing in pitchers just because they match up better, rather than leaving in the current pitcher to see if he can get the outs. The pitching line-up should have gone as follows- Dotel, Rzepczynski to only face Murphy, the Motte to face Napoli and the remaining batters. The Cardinals would have won the game 2-1, had Carpent er not given up that home run to Beltre in the sixth, or they could have won by a maximum of four runs, either in nine or however many innings it took to untie the score. This is one managerial mistake that will be talked about for generations to come.


10-27-2011, 09:19
That whole pitching situation was just bizarre. I'm not sure what to believe with that one. LaRussa can be pretty weird at times I guess.