View Full Version : JaMarcuss Russell Had Much More Than Sleep Apnea

10-27-2011, 11:46
Yes, at one time Jamarcus Russell did occupy Oakland,
and his only cause was his own pocket. He has very
little to do with the occupy Oakland folks that are
out there right now. He would like you to believe
that in Oakland he was a victim, not of the Raiders
organization, but of sleep apnea. I am as much a
bleeding heart as the next guy, but I'm having a
hard time buying this. If Jamarcus was in any way
medically at a disadvantage, his time there would
have been much more understood, and likely treated,
but this is the guy who got busted with the "Purple
Drank" (cough syrup with Codeine), a little bit of
something college kids tend to use at times to get a
buzz on. This to me does not sound like someone who
has a medical problem, but more like an addiction
problem. Now JaMarcus wants back into the NFL and
we hear about this apnea he had, perhaps a good
fallback of an excuse to justify his miserable
performance as the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft.
I for one am not buying, some may, but it will take
a little more than an SI article, and sob story to
convince me that this was in any way the case for
his disastrous time in Oakland. I wish him luck,
but am certain that he will never be a successful
QB in the NFL ever again, not with his work ethic.

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The Boss
10-27-2011, 12:58
He is blaming his failure on Sleep Apnea? Thats a good one