View Full Version : Would You Give Albert Pujols 300 Million Dollars

10-29-2011, 10:02
Well if you want him on your team, that's probably
what he and his agent are going to be looking for.
Keep in mind that he turned down a nine year 200
million dollar contract at the beginning of this
season. Also keep in mind that he turns 32 in
January, coupled by the fact that his numbers have
all dropped in the last three years. His numbers
were great this year after a miserable start, and
yet what will they be in three more years at the
advanced age of 35? He has shown his glove to be
a detriment, and it couldn't have been more glaring
than it was in the 2011 World Series. His home
run numbers have dropped by an average of five per
year in the last three seasons (47, 42, 37), his
rbi numbers have dropped by an average of 18 in
that same span (135, 118, 99), and his average over
the past four seasons has seen a tumble of 58 points
(.357, .327, .312, .299) to fall below .300
I can hear many of you now shouting "I'll take that!"

Yankees fans might be the first to say we want him,
but their memories are short, and only need to look
as far as A-Rod who will struggle to perform to the
size of his contract for the remaining 6 seasons
at an average of about 28 million per year.
A-Rod is 36 years of age, and though many will say
that the reason for his bad numbers are injuries,
injuries are just another way to say "AGE".

Enjoy the World Series victory Cardinals fans, you've
won two with Pujols, and been to three, you got your
moneys worth out of him now don't be stupid and
grossly overpay for past performance. I'm a big fan
of giving a player a little extra for what he's done
for you in the past, but what Albert his people will
be asking is just plain insanity. Step back, think
it over, and use your head, don't make a foolish and
rash decision. With all that said, someone will do
it anyway, and it will give me more to write about
and you more to biatch about. Mark this down, this
is a bad idea, Period.

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The Boss
10-29-2011, 10:31
Yankees fans might be the first to say we want him,
but their memories are short

Not mine, I hate the fact A-Rod is stuck with us because of his contract. I am very against paying long term for these guys over 30. You showed perfectly how he is declining, and his head is the size of Barry Bonds;. Thankfully we dont have anyplace to put him and Mark Texiera tearing something while playing basketball this off season would be my worst nightmare.

10-29-2011, 13:42
I've heard rumors to the contrary that he turned down that deal and that it was a story drummed up by the media on a slow media day. I think he probably turned down an offer of much less years if anything. Pujols is the greatest player in the game without a doubt and is the most clutch postseason hitter in baseball. A-Rod hasn't been and if A-Rod was as clutch in the playoffs year in and year out like Pujols is, nobody would be crying about the size and length of his contract.

I would take Pujols on my team any year because unlike A-Rod, he's not a pretty boy who causes distractions and cheats. Pujols is a class-act, unlike Rodriguez, and Alex couldn't shine Albert's shoes. Say what you want about him being old when the contract ends, Pujols' career will last longer and be more productive than Rodriguez's.

Put it in the bank!

Jersey John
10-30-2011, 16:23
I'm about as sure that Pujols used PED's as I am about anybody else. His stats have gone down since the shit hit the fan a few years ago, and on top of that he would be a nightmare with the media here, if you believe he hid after that error in the WS. None of it matters for the Yankees anyway. No spot to play him.

10-31-2011, 09:42
I would have to think that the A-Rod contract has solidified the fact that guys who are in their thirties should not be getting 7-8-9 year contracts worth anywhere near 300 million. Pujols has already had his fair share of injuries over the last few years which is not a good sign.

I think its all moot though. There just isnt the market for Pujols. When you start the bidding without the Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets even being interested, its not a good sign that you will be able to play the market well.

I don't believe the Cubs rumors unless Pujols is going to take less money, there is no way the Cubs are going to add another bloated contract to their books.