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11-05-2011, 14:21
Back in September I wrote a piece on how if the Colts
are in a position to draft first in the 2012 draft
and select Andrew Luck, they should pass. I said
trade the pick, get Manning a new weapon, and win now.
Now comes news that the Colts are in a bit of a bind,
in that they have to choose to either trade or release
Peyton by pre agreed to date March, or the Colts will
be on the hook for over 30 million dollars, and
Mannings health is not really getting much better.
It's possible that he may get a snap or two in December,
but is that really a good idea?

I still think that sticking with Manning is the way to go,
if he's as healthy as he needs to be, but to play him in
order to make sure is a bad idea as far as I'm concerned.
He could get further injured, and just as bad, the Colts
might win a game or two. Why risk losing the top spot?
Whether you decide to pick Andrew Luck or not is pretty
much irrelevant here, what matters is that your season
stinks, and your fans deserve a reward. Choose Luck,
and he either gets to be an understudy to one of the
NFL's greatest or he has the same type of first season
Manning did his fist season, a stinker. Don't choose
Luck and trade down, get value, you have to go far,
team s like the Dolphins, and Broncos will be chomping
at the bit to get a shot at colleges golden boy,
either way you can take a team that wasn't so bad just
a year ago and put your team in a spot to compete again.

It's not an easy situation it's true, but there is a sea
of can't miss qb's in the NFL's past that missed, and
Missed pretty bad. Akili Smith, Tim Couch, David Carr,
JaMarcus Russell, Alex Smith, heck Ryan Leaf almost got
chosen ahead of Peyton Manning, do I need to go on?
You can draft a qb later in the first or second round,
pay less, and still wind up with a franchise qb.
Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Brett Farve, when were
those guys drafted? Not number 1! I say let Manning
heal, put him on IR , and don' t go out of your way to
win. I'm not saying lose, but why jeapordize a spot
at truy stregthening your team for a long time?
"Don't SUCK for Luck", make your own luck!

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The Boss
11-05-2011, 15:46
Im not sure how Peytons contract would work on other teams. If they trade him for draft picks then the other team would have to be able to fit that contract under the cap, which to me means they would need to have a QB making a nice amount of cash that they could drop. I dont know. If it is me, I trade Manning for some real nice draft picks, to go along with Luck and take my shot at a dynasty.

11-06-2011, 08:25
It's a tough call. I imagine if they have that 1st pick that that would bring more if traded then Manning would. Thy stand so much more to gain by getting the #1 pick then other teams without a great QB already

11-06-2011, 19:10
I would trade whichever brought me the most back. But I would also have to include getting out of Peyton's contract, which would probably mean I draft Luck and move Peyton.

When you factor in the ability to sign free agents with the money you save on Manning, it probably makes sense to move him. Also even if Manning comes back healthy, the Colts are not a Superbowl team and would need to improve quick with Manning probably only having a short time left. Why not roll the dice and try to bring in a new dynasty.

Peyton's beloved but so was Favre, and knowing when to move on as an organization is important.

Jersey John
11-07-2011, 11:49
The Colts are in a tough spot. If they make the wrong move, they will be talking about it forever. I would go for Luck and trade off the aging guy thats missing the season because of neck surgery. Seems like a no brainer to me!