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11-11-2011, 13:18
Didn't hear this interview live or even know it happened until I just happened to go over to Neil Best's blog.


If you have been reading my posts you know I have been in the "anti-Paterno" camp here. But I didnt have a problem listening to this journalist express her view point and then disagreeing with it. Of course in an intellectual way. I thought she was wrong but she was presenting her case calmly and politely.

However, I thought that was just embarrassing radio. It was a bad sign from the start when it opened with Carton going "how you doing doll". Too call her stupid and her parents stupid and to just talk so condescendingly was just wrong. Don't have her on the air, she wasn't a caller, she was invited on the show and they knew her position before they put her on. Plus Carton spends so much time ripping on Mike about how he deals with callers and how he dealt with the Revis thing, it seemed just lame by Carton.

Overall, Bad job by Carton and Boomer's awkward silence tells it all.

EDIT: Posting the video - The Boss


The Boss
11-11-2011, 14:45
Thanks for bringing this up. First thing I notice in this interview is that Karisa Maxwell actually provided a huge and very important piece of information, that being that Penn State is its own jurisdiction and has its own police department, and that when Joe Paterno notified that guy "Gary Schultz" I believe she says, who was head of the "University Parks Police" he was notifying the proper authority. I was under the impression that they were basically going to be like private security, separate from the local police Dept.

The next point she makes that I didnt hear anywhere else, is that Jerry Sandusky was shopping and walking around town with nobody bothering him, and in the meantime the focus of the nation is (was) on Joe Paterno, clearly because he is the most known figure in the story.

At this point point it was clear to Carton that she was not going to blindly crucify Paterno, and then he started in with his... whatever you want to call it. For the first few minutes she was allowed to speak, made the points I mentioned above, and then he made sure she would was never able to get out more then 2 words in response to any of his questions. The only thing showing the students immaturity was the fact that she didnt hang up the first time she was called stupid.

The video I put up in Icemans post is blocked apparently, but it is the best full version and can be seen on Youtube. You can see in that version that Boomer is flipping threw a newspaper in the early portion of this phone call, clearly not planning on being involved in the interview. The only thing I can gather from that is that it was pre determined that Carton was going to handle this and take it in this direction. But it is what it is. BobBlitz posted this one for audio

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/5xm3bvrGVZ0?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Pure Gold
11-11-2011, 14:53
Carton is a no talent scumbag as far as I'm concerned. How and why people listen to him I don't know. He really is not knowledgeable whatsoever about sports he just makes outlandish statements and comments and people love it. I don't know why. He's not the least bit bright or well informed about anything.

Pure Gold
11-11-2011, 15:02
He proved in this interview the type of low class piece of trash host that he is. The way he insulted her and talked about her and her parents is a disgrace. I honestly hope at some point he gets fired from the station for going too far. He's a useless human being who has no business in radio.

11-11-2011, 15:58
The problem is higher up though. Management put this team together. Boomer is okay but I never felt he was anything special to be put on a morning show. It almost seemed they liked the once a week show that Boomer and Mad Dog did together and they emulated that pairing. They could've done better from the start. They don't seem to know talent anyway. They let a lot get away and the whole station sounds old now.

Next, they don't seem to hold the talent accountable. Is Carton gonna change? Probably not since it seems their are no repercussions when you do something wrong or don't do what you're supposed to. Joe B. this week actually told a caller he couldn't compare Eli and Drew Brees cause he didn't know how Brees was doing. That's okay! No reason that a professional sports talk host should know what a top QB in the most popular sport in America is doing! Not like they ever use the "where does Eli Manning rank" topic. Will Joe B. get taken to task for not being prepared for his show. Doubtful.

Joe is lazy, Mike is coasting, Carton is a _____, etc. are opinions I've read right here on this board and elsewhere! All this stuff will just keep going on till management is cleaned out & replaced with people who do their jobs the right way.

The Boss
11-11-2011, 18:29
The problem is higher up though.

See, I don't think there is a problem here. The show is very successful and the higher ups really have no reason to want Carton to change. Carton is good for what he brings to the table. He is entertaining and gets along well with people on air. He plays well with Boomer, Jerry and the rest of them. I'm entertained when I listen to the show.

This thread is about the phone call with Karisa Maxwell so I will use that as an example to make a point. As far as I'm concerned there is no doubt that this entire interview was set up because they knew the girls stance, and Carton knew full well he was going to do this little routine. Just a few weeks ago he talked about Mike Francesa doing the same thing to Revis in disgust, and there really was no basis for that opinion. Karisa said things he didn't agree with, so he shouted over her and gave her no chance to answer any of his questions once she showed that she wasn't going to sound stupid on her own, because he disagreed with her. Doesn't he criticize Francesa for being an arrogant blowhard?

I'll say Carton is very entertaining and the show is funny and fun to listen to %99 of the time. He is an incredible hypocrite though.

11-11-2011, 20:29
They don't seem to know talent anyway. They let a lot get away and the whole station sounds old now.

To me this is the real problem here. I agree with The Boss, Carton and Boomer are not going to change they are pulling ratings and thats what Chernoff etc. care about. However, for being the premiere talk radio station in the country, the actual sports knowledge and effort of the hosts is almost laughable.

Boomer knows football, but other than that there is nothing really special about what he brings. Carton knows about as much about sports as the average knucklehead you run into at the water cooler at work, and you know the conversation usually ends with you walking away shaking your head and mumbling what an idiot that guy is.. He does his schtick and thats supposed to make his actual lack of sports knowledge ok.

Evan is ok, but to me he hasn't gotten any better as a host in the last 3-4 years. Joe B is to me just getting so far left behind its sad. You have to be able to use a computer in this day an age. You can't be hosting a midday talk show on the Fan and just be so out of touch as he is.

Mike is solid as a rock.....when he isn't coasting, which unfortunately happens to often.

Now, I dont mean to just sound like I am just ripping everyone, because I still tune in for a large part of the day; but I have just noticed that the actual sports content has become so stale and repeated on this station is frustrating. I know they can do better, because they have.

And yes Carton is a hypocrite for ripping Mike over Revis because what he did to that journalist was ten times worse, I also have a feeling that he wouldnt have done that if it was a man and especially if it was in studio, which makes him even worse.

Jersey John
11-11-2011, 20:45
Yea, I'd like to see Carton stand up to a top NY football star like Francesa did with that Revis interview. Not gonna happen. This situation with the college girl is more the type of battle he'll pick.

11-13-2011, 08:35
I have Francesa on and he is still referring to Schultz as campus security.

Pure Gold
01-06-2012, 15:53
We actually had Karisa on our radio show you can check out that interview here at about the 24 min 30 second mark it starts

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